Pyrite Cluster

$97.00 AUD

Power stone Pyrite is a favorite among the crystal cognoscenti for its mirrored gold shine, perfect cubic structure, and metaphysical properties that promote the cultivation and expression of our purest life force. Pyrite gets its name from the Greek word for fire, appropriate as it resonates with the third chakra, that bubbling cauldron in the belly where our sexual and creative desires burn hottest.

We all need balance. Moon energy. Sun energy. Yin. Yang. Pyrite lands strong on the yang scale. Real fiery. Real masculine. If you’re feeling low energy, meditating with Pyrite offers up a warm, energizing kick. And for the fellas, Pyrite can help summon the primordial powers of Eros (and Marvin Gaye) when it’s time to lay down the magic stick with confidence. Insert eggplant emoji!

Outside the candlelit, impassioned boudoir, Pyrite is a combustible companion on the artist’s way. This action stone brings the muscle required to beat back our fears of failure and inadequacy, shape inspiration into form, and will all of our creative endeavors through to the blissful end.

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