Raw Aquamarine Stretch Bracelet

$70.00 AUD

Hand Made by Champagne + Glitter

This gorgeous blue bracelet is made of the most beautiful rough Aquamarine. These semi-polished beads are smooth, yet they still retain their rough form. These natural stone beads are so cool to the touch and so lovely to wear! Strung on a nice thick stretchy base, this is such an easy, no-fuss statement piece.

Stone: Aquamarine
Size: 17.78cm

It’s pretty simple: If you’re living in the past, the present is always going to blindside you. Stay in the moment with the “[choose your own expletive] me” cold-shower-wake-up-call energy of icy blue Aquamarine.


If it’s all in a name, Aquamarine is real wet and real nautical. It reminds you to ride the prevailing currents and ship the precious cargo buried in the heart to larynx and lips. Sweet. Release. Hang it over your heart to beat back the demons, undo destructive patterns, and communicate honestly with those closest to you—starting with the beautiful soul staring back in the mirror, you vain thing, you. Aquamarine reminds us how important self-love is. And to be crystal clear, we’re not talking the Kanye variety here, ’kay?


Like Mediterranean clear blue water against a sun baked Grecian beach, Aquamarine is a powerful anti-inflammatory for the mind and spirit. If something is burning you up inside, cool off (read: meditate) with Aquamarine. First, take ten deep, cleansing breaths. Seriously, do it. Then, find out what your life could look like if you spent half as much energy practicing the fine art of letting go as you do polishing that chip on your shoulder.

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