Rhodochrosite Sphere

$170.00 AUD

Weight: 459g

Rhodochrosite reminds us that when it comes to love, you have to put on your own oxygen mask, inhale deeply, and then help others.

Rhodochrosite can wake your inner child from a deep, dark slumber and lead her through the thorny forest of judgment to find the courage to love without fear. (If your inner child happens to be a him that's cool, too. The stone's powerful, feminine, loving vibes do not discriminate.) And we're not just talking romantic, kiss-me-to-death love here, either. Rhodochrosite can unearth and reconnect us to the passions, the art, and the work that are most meaningful (and potentially most painful (a.k.a. worth it)) to us in our short lifetimes.

Fiery yet soothing, pretty-in-pink Rhodochrosite is a powerful healer of a wounded heart. If you've been holed up at the Heartbreak Hotel sipping Canadian Club and salty tears for too long, it can unlock the shackles of mourning and set you on a forward course. Letting go is so hard. But, letting go is so liberating. Ally with Rhodochrosite, get free, and let yourself love again. You deserve it.

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