Rock Your Light

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Lessons for Lightworkers and Spiritual Straight Talk to Make Shit Happen

A book of age-old spiritual teachings served up in thirty-five actionable lessons to guide you back home to the callings of your soul. Rock Your Light is a no-fluff practical guide, emphasising power, purpose and prosperity, illuminating your innate gifts to enable you to believe in and go big with your lightwork in a way that is aligned to your true self.

Never has there been a more fertile time for creative women and heart-driven leaders to ignite the fire in the belly, own our unique gifts and to birth our big-hearted visions. This is the time for lightworkers, leaders, luminaries, yogis, healers, spiritual teachers and everyday people feeling called to crank the dial up and create positive change.

Tracey Spencer teaches you how to overcome fear and how to generate a deeper connection with your higher self so that as a lightworker you can fiercely trust the call of your inner voice and take bold actions towards your dreams. It's time for lightworkers to courageously live, lead and create from the heart space.

This book is your permission slip to step up, claim and live your best life. To be seen, heard and celebrated for who you really are.

Rock Your Light is an immersion for the soul, filled with spiritual principles, reflections and practices to align you with your true purpose: to be a source of light in the world.

Author: Tracey Spencer

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