Rough Optical Calcite | XXL

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All of our rough pieces are sized not by eye, but by weight so we can be sure all pieces within a size are cohesive. The weight range for these XXL roughs is as follows:

Weight Range: 250-400g

Source:  Madagascar

**Price is per one piece, intuitively picked for you. The pictures represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive however please note that stone is unique and one of a kind so there will be slight variations.

These are a rough natural stone so will have chips/fractures present, mostly on the edges and corners.

The frequency of Optical Calcite connects to all of the chakras with a strong connection to the third eye. It stimulates the third eye chakra bringing increased insight and clarity to one's consciousness. It can help to clear stagnant and blocked energies from all of one's energy fields and chakras.

This extremely clear form of Calcite aids one to acknowledge and release self-limiting beliefs that are preventing one from moving forward. Thus allowing one to align with the spiritual part of one's being which can help to forgive oneself, or others, and move on without resentment.

The clean, purifying energy of Optical Calcite helps to energeticlly cleanse and purify all of one's charkas and energy fields, increasing oneÕs vibrational frequency on all levels.

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