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Author: Davidji

The Five Secrets To Awakening Transformation

When life presents you with a critical crossroads, which way do you turn?

Award-winning author of Secrets of Meditation and destressifying, meditation teacher, and stress management expert davidji offers his five time-tested principles to awakening transformation so you can ground yourself, gain clarity, make life-affirming decisions, step into your power, own your impact, and soar!

davidji outlines how the five Divine Principles of One, Awareness, Rebirth, Infinite Flow and Inner Fire help us to tap into our innate, sacred powers. Amongst others, these powers include Attention, Intention, Action, Acceptance and Release which we can call on in times of need.

Each principle provides guidance and teaches us that we are never stuck—even if it feels we have strayed far from the path that we had envisioned. This moment is a defining moment. This is the time we can make the most powerful decision of our life. We can plant the seeds of a new direction and use our thoughts, words, and actions to ripple them into a magnificent journey back to wholeness and ultimately our dream life!

About the Author

davidji is an internationally recognized stress-management expert, corporate trainer, meditation teacher, certified Vedic Master, and author of destressifying and Secrets of Meditation. After a 20-year career in business, finance, and mergers and acquisitions, davidji began a new journey to wholeness through meditation. He apprenticed under Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon, serving as the Chopra Center COO, Lead Educator, and the first Dean of Chopra Center University. He lives in Carlsbad, CA.

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