Cerussite + Barite Specimen

$41.00 AUD
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Country of Origin: Morocco

Weight:  85g

These specimens may have inclusions of galena, and thus, you should wash your hands after handling them.

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t belong on this planet? Like you move between the worlds, at home in neither, but yet at home in both? Do you feel uprooted, unsettled, and longing for home? This, my friends, is your stone.

Cerussite helps you feel at home, wherever you may be. If you have one foot in this world and the other in the beyond, you want to work with this specimen. Not only does it balance you between two worlds, it also balances your left brain and right brain hemispheres, driving creativity. It attunes you to your higher wisdom and karmic purpose, helping to reveal the gifts you bring to humanity. Meditate with it. Carry it with you. Sleep with it in your pillow to help ease restlessness and insomnia.

 It helps you feel safe and rooted. It’s gentle and comforting, soft yet powerful.

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