Pseudomorph Calcite after Goethite (Hydrated Iron Oxide) Specimen

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Weight:  530g

***PLEASE NOTE - These are collectors specimens which should not be handled; they are incredibly fragile. We will package them safely & immaculately for postage but regardless there will still be slight drop off as they are very delicate***


GEOTHITE  -  “Stone of Death & Rebirth”


A stone with a very powerful healing vibration. It is constantly emitting frequencies filled with healing waves of energy. This stone has many advantages in terms of it’s metaphysical properties. One of it’s most beneficial qualities is its ability to heal through grief by diving deep into the self and digging up wounds buried within the unconscious.

Goethite are excellent stones to use to help you if you have lost a loved one as they have a strong vibration that aids you to heal grief and will help you to open yourself up to love and compassion

Goethite is a great stone to possess if you are serious in attracting abundance and wealth in your life.  The stone may easily be programmed with intentions so that it will support all your plans, as well as assist you in achieving your own goals in life.  It will also assist you in removing anything in your life that doesn’t help you in moving forward to a more fruitful, much happier, and more abundant place.

The Goethite may encourage you in opening up more about love, compassion, and happiness.  It will revitalise your own emotions, as well as make you be more accepting of all the great things which come with love and relationship.

CALCITE  -  This is the perfect crystal to have with you when you’re looking for a big change in your life, or when you need to make a fresh new start. This crystal will amplify the flow of energy in your body and help you with your mental expansion. There will be a shift in your perspective, and there will be a renewed sense of commitment in you that will make anything you want to do possible.

Calcite Crystals can also enhance your learning abilities. They are a great crystal to have when you are learning a new skill or language or preparing for an important examination, because your mind will be like a sponge that will absorb everything!

Calcite is also a highly protective crystal.  It can protect you against negative energies or unwanted physical and psychical attacks. It will dispel all the negative energies that have accumulated in your personal auric field and replace them with positive ones. This crystal will make sure that you are always surrounded by good and uplifting vibrations!

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