Tiny Humans | Magic Bath Salts

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Hand-made by our wonderful little sister Jim.

This beautiful combination of natural minerals and oils have been selected to help promote calm, relaxation and sleep in our tiny humans.

A wonderful blend of floral scents create a soothing aroma once the Magic Bath Salts are added to a warm bath.

Includes a magic crystal in every jar!

Depending on the size of the bath, add 2 spoonfuls of salts to warm water and swirl. Tiny humans not included.


Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt (Course and Fine), Epsom Salts (Course and Fine), Essential Oils (Lavender, "Crisis Calm", Rose Geranium), Natural Solubiliser, Colouring (Food Grade), Natural Dried Flours (Rose, Blue Mallow, Lavender)


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