Tiny Humans | Magic Bath Salts

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Hand-made by our wonderful little sister Jim.


This beautiful combination of natural minerals and oils has been hand selected to promote calm, relaxation and sleep in our tiny humans.  Perfect for use as part of a sleep routine; let the delicate aroma fill the air to create a blissful space ready for a restful night.


By just adding 2 tbsp of this comforting blend of delicate florals to your child or baby’s bath water you will set up a peaceful night’s sleep as well as soften and nurture the skin.

Includes a magic crystal in every jar!


* Tiny humans not included

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt (coarse and fine), Epsom Salts (coarse and fine), Essential Oils (Lavender, "Crisis Calm", Rose Geranium), natural solubiliser, colouring (food grade), natural dried flowers (Rose, Blue Mallow & Lavender)


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