You are My F*Cking Sunshine

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A Gratitude Journal for the Sh*t That Makes Your World Happy and Bright

You Are My F*cking Sunshine is the next guided journal in the Zen as F*ck series that is brimming with cheerful profanity. Each page is a chance to take advantage of all the positive sh*t around you and bathe in the sunny glow of what's to come. With a down-to-earth, funny, and peppy approach to mindfulness journaling, You Are My F*cking Sunshine is the encouraging nudge to take big and small leaps to make your world a little f*cking better. Say "yes" to the good sh*t, say "no" to the bad, and enjoy a brighter f*cking day with You Are My F*cking Sunshine!

About the Author

Monica Sweeney works in the publishing industry, and she is the author of several books, including Zen as F*ck, Let That Sh*t Go, and Find Your F*cking Happy. She lives in Boston.

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