DAY 15 | Golden Healer Quartz Heart

DAY 15 | Golden Healer Quartz Heart

Why a heart?

The heart is often used to symbolise a person's moral, emotional, spiritual and even intellectual substance. The heart has been referred to and believed to be the core of one’s humanity. It was used and is still used as the primary symbol that represents LOVE. Or is it?

A group of researchers believes that the heart symbol is not remotely related to the human heart but is more of an ancient depiction of something more sexual in nature. However, the heart symbol has evolved over the centuries for today, the heart symbol best expresses LOVE on all levels.

True enough today, the heart symbol is widely recognised not only as a symbol of love but of compassion, joy, and charity.



amplify | release | empower


CHAKRA:  solar plexus, sacral, crown

SIGNS:  all

ELEMENT:   earth, fire


COLOUR:  golden yellow inclusions in clear/cloudy quartz

AFFIRMATION: “The pure Golden Light flows through me and heals everything it touches”

BEST FOR:   facilitating healing, breaking up blocks and providing emotional support

ORIGINS: Madagascar, Brazil

COMPANION STONES:   If you use it with Magnetite, Golden Healer Quartz will clean everything in your auric field and fill it with golden healing light


My mum always used to tell me to go outside and get some sunshine.  It’s a universal healer; something about that warming glow is good for everything that ails you.  Golden Healer, like the summer sunshine, is true to its colour, warm and radiant and exudes the same mysterious healing properties.

Simultaneously described as gentle and powerful, Golden Healer is highly valued in the realm of physical healing, it is used to cleanse and enhance the well-being of the organs, stimulate the immune system, bring the body back into balance, balance yin/yang energies, and may be used for energy enhancement.

Let the sun shine through.


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