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Gabrielle is a gifted soul on a mission to share her unique abilities as a tarot reader, spiritual channel and numerologist.

Since she was very young, her intuition or inner voice was always guiding her in moments of need. Sometimes she found herself talking to people with so much care and kindness as if somebody else was speaking through her.  But she was so busy pursuing more
down-to-earth interests that her psychic talents were basically waiting patiently. Her amazing abilities were finally embraced when she felt the need to protect her daughter who used to be scared by strange voices.

This exciting journey has been a constant reminder of the trust, respect, gratitude and compassion that human beings can experience and share.

“Imagine a dark room where I help you turn on the light with the guidance provided by the tarot cards so that you can see what is happening, explore your options and make your own choices”.

For more than seven years, Gabrielle has been offering
guidance and direction to people who want to make important decisions and move on with their lives. She offers her psychic services internationally in English and Spanish.

15, 30 and 45 minutes sessions available

BOOK NOW: bookings@inneradventure-au.com

What's on at Unearthed Crystals