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Cleansing White Selenite, Satin Spar, Maria Glass, Desert Rose… whatever you call it, when it comes down to it, it’s essentially all the same thing.

One point is for sure - it is an essential weapon in any metaphysical wellness worker’s arsenal.  Like burning white sage or sprinkling salt, Selenite can cleanse your space of ugly vibes left behind after a nasty breakup, a death in the home, or even just bad juju left behind by shitty housemates who refused to help do the dishes. 

Oh, and it's damn pretty.

Carrie K

Beautiful range of crystals, lovely service, beautifully packaged and fast delivery, absolutely love this store 💗

Zoe M

I don't write a lot of public reviews, but this company is truly amazing. I've been ordering from Unearthed for a while now, and every order has been absolutely brilliant. Beautiful packaging, quick delivery, a wonderful pay-it-forward system, amazing team, and of course stunning products! The quality of similar products from other companies I've tried just doesn't compare! Absolutely recommend 😍

Jayde B

The most beautiful crystals intuitively chosen. The design of their site is divine and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my treasures 💗


display stands

don't just have your spheres rolling around everywhere - display them in style. the best bit? these stands are not just for spheres! display carvings, roughs, clusters and more.



designed to perfectly intergrate into your decor, no longer will there be ash everywhere after burning your favourite scent. it's time to get lit.

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