Fertility + Pregnancy Antidote Box ©

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More and more women, especially those who have tried medical remedies for infertility, are turning to fertility crystals. They’re recognising that often there is an energetic block causing the problem, and crystals can provide the answer.

Our Fertility & Pregnancy Antidote Box© is a collection of gorgeous stones that are choc-full of life force & vitality. They provide new beginnings, soothe stress and are excellent for both conception & pregnancy.



1 x Rainbow Moonstone - for maternal energy, balances hormones and cycle, promotes fertility. Believed to aid contractions and promote healthy lactation

1 x Unakite - to support recuperation, stimulate the reproductive system and aid in healthy pregnancy & childbirth

1 x Rose Quartz - increases fertility, protection during pregnancy & childbirth, self-love and care

1 x Hematite - supports sacral chakra (reproductive system), relaxes and calms, aids circulation

1 x Carnelian - boosts fertility, promotes sexuality,  reproductive system, guards against miscarriage

1 x Shiva Lingam - to enhance fertility and overall health and wellbeing

1 x Ruby Zoisite OR Chrysoprase * - promotes fertility by supporting the reproductive system

1x Garnet - balances sex drive, aids sexual potency and discourages miscarriages

PLUS a raw timber mandala box to house them all in, and a Quartz point to power these babies up!


* Due to the difficulty in sourcing these stones, it will be one or the other depending on availability  


Tip: In using these or any healing crystals, it's often a matter of personal preference but when we're working with a certain stone set we like to keep it on or near us. Popular locations include a pocket, purse, desk, nightstand, kitchen counter or even in the car.

Take Care/Beware:  Healing crystals should never be used in place of traditional medical treatment. Use crystals only as a potential compliment and support to other well being treatments and therapies. Always consult with a licensed medical professional. 

Please note - each box will differ slightly on crystal sizing & patterns, however we endeavour to create each as identical as possible. Regardless of the size of a crystal, its energy properties remain the same.


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