The Team

Pete | Founder

These days it's just me, Pete, but the "brains" behind the whole operation also included my sister Shaz. My days mainly consists of not taking myself too seriously, trying to discouragie the team from eating cake for breakfast, and then yelling out every single angel number I see throughout the day (which is a lot!). But seriously, I am so grateful to live out my dream, and to have the most incredible team behind me.

FAVOURITE STONE | enhydro quartz

STAR SIGN | capricorn

Jim | Operations Manager

Jim is my little sister - I broke all cardinal rules of business and employed family members! It's nuts, but it works. Most days we're not actually sure what it is she does, I just gave her a cool job title, but what I do know is; I could NOT run this show without her. She's our in house tetris master, Feng Shui guru, and provides unlimited laughs.

FAVOURITE STONE | pink mangano calcite

STAR SIGN | gemini

Susan | Inventory Controller

Susan has been with us since the very beginning! She's the one that makes sure all of your favourite pieces are in stock. She fancies herself as the best singer in the world - except when compared to her hero, Whitney Houston (Hot tip - she's a terrible singer). Always down for a good story time, she brightens the room with her tales and overzealous love of cake.


STAR SIGN | capricorn

Charlie | Assistant Operations Manager

Like I mentioned, we go against the grain - this is our mum! Apart from making sure all of our stock is accounted for and processed so it makes it to the website (VERY important!), she's incredibly good at keeping us all in line, as mums do. She believes in us endlessly, and always has our backs.


STAR SIGN | pisces

Kat | Order Picker + Packer

Have you ever met someone that is quite literally a ray of F*cking sunshine?! Well, when you meet our lovely Kat you can say that you have. She is creative and spends her free time knotting up the most amazing Macrame and balances that out by rock climbing and hiking.


STAR SIGN | cancer

Sena | Order Picker + Packer

Sena is a spunky lady with an affinity for large, chunk, crystal rings. She might be a perfectionist but she also sews the coolest alternative clothes in her spare time and has the most beautiful grounding energy about her.

FAVOURITE STONE | labradorite

STAR SIGN | virgo

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Pete + Shaz

Who the hell are we you ask? 🤣

We're Shari + Peta 😀

(Affectionally known as, Shaz + Pete)

We're sisters and the creators of Unearthed Crystals.

We began Unearthed in 2015; whoa, time just flew by!

At the time, as crystal lovers, we felt there was something missing in the crystal world. A safe space for crystals just didn't seem to exist.

Every website we tried to purchase crystals from was either very sketchy looking (for some reason all the websites were purple? and didn't feel legit enough to enter your credit card details into lol), Nobody seemed interested in answering our questions about where the stones were sourced, The items 9 times out of 10 would arrive broken because they had just been thrown into a postage bag, or if they were packed decently, they looked nothing like what we had ordered.

So we took matters into our own hands and began Unearthed.

Our mission is to educate as many people as we can on the benefits of crystals and spiritual practises, and to take away the ‘strange’ stigma that’s been attached to this for the last 40 or so years.

We want to simplify the process of buying stones online; and for you to trust that whenever you get babes from us, they’re going to be the best - EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

We want to unscramble all the vague crystal ‘meanings’ and interpret them for you in easy to relate to terms.

Most importantly, we want to make even a tiny bit of difference to someone’s day.

How do we plan pull all this off? We’re just winging it and trusting our guts. At the end of the day it boils down to our undeniable passion for our products, our business, and most importantly - our customers and fellow crystal lovers.

We pour every single particle of ourselves into this, and still to this day get excited every time we get an order, constructive criticism or a message of encouragement. The absolute feeling of bliss to have our work appreciated and supported is too hard to describe.

So to put it simply; THANK YOU.

In July 2022 Shaz announced that she would be leaving Unearthed to follow her passion in Interior Design. You can follow here over on Instagram...

Eternal Love + Light,

Pete x 💖