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We are seriously aware of how incredibly blessed we are to be able to have our dream jobs - playing with crystals all day every day!

We are always so humbled by the love and support we have come our way, it's only natural for us to shoot the love straight back out - what goes around comes around!

We give back as much as we can - by raising awareness, volunteering, directly assisting members of our Unearthed community when they're in need and by supporting charities that are near and dear to our hearts. Below are a few we adore and have supported; we'd love it if you would also consider helping them with their missions if you are in a position too 💕

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Are You Bogged Mate?

Are you bogged mate? is all about helping country blokes talk about mental health and suicide while spreading awareness about depression in the bush. This topic struck a chord, and highlighted that while there are services available for suicide prevention, there is a disconnect in the way depression is being communicated to country men. This charity wants to fix this disconnect. Are you bogged mate? aims to boost awareness and start a conversation with the broader community about the rising issue of depression and suicide rates among men in rural areas. They are confronting the challenges that country men face on a daily basis, talking about mental health, and lighting the path to support.Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!

Backpack Bed for the Homeless

How would you want to be treated? You are homeless, you need shelter and something to carry your belongings.
With this, came invention: a Backpack with storage that rolls out into an all-weather protected bed. The Backpack Bed is used as emergency relief bedding for homeless without shelter.

Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!

Cereal for Coffee

We believe every Aussie kid should be given every chance to be their best, and it all starts with a nutritious breakfast.

Cereal for Coffee runs breakfast clubs in schools all over Brisbane to stop kids going to school hungry. They're well on their way to feeding on average 1,600 kids each week. The proceeds go to supporting kids getting a nutritious breakfast before they start their school day.

Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!

Deadly Connections

Deadly Connections is an Aboriginal Community Led, Not For Profit Organisation that breaks the cycles of disadvantage and trauma to directly address the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the child protection and justice system/s. Their community centred, culturally responsive, holistic programs develop stronger, safer, communities, creating deadly connections and more positive futures, for our communities, families, individuals and kids.Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!

Dogs for Kids

Dogs for Kids provides Assistance and Therapy dogs for children whose everyday activities are restricted by physical, intellectual, sensory, social and emotional challenges. Anyone with a four-legged best friend knows the benefits of their unconditional love and loyalty. Imagine a dog that is not only loving and loyal, but has also been expertly trained to help a child. These dogs are taught to intuitively prevent bolting, reduce meltdowns and decrease self-harm behaviours. They also help children to sleep better, build confidence and reduce their anxiety.

Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!


Legacy works with our veterans’ families experiencing grief, loss and hardship. Today, the partners and children of those fallen or injured in service to their country are facing social and financial distress.

Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!

Mater Chick in Pink

Mater Chicks in Pink helps the 18,000 women diagnosed with cancer every year focus on the moments that matter most, and alleviate some of the huge emotional and financial burden that comes with a breast cancer diagnosis. They help to fund tangible support items—such as counselling and mastectomy bras—to make an immediate impact in the lives of women with breast cancer today.

Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!

Million Paws Walk

This annual walk aims to raise $1 million and community awareness for disadvantaged animals every year. Dog owners take their animals walking on designated routes in various cities and towns, with the aim to get around 250,000 animals nationally (hence "a million paws"). Owners pay a small contribution that goes to the running of local RSPCA animal shelters.Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!

Safe Haven Community

Australia's National Register ofcommunity-based short-term crisis accommodation for women and their children escaping domestic abuse. Their mission? To provide earlier intervention pathways, allowing women and their children to escape abusive relationships before the situation escalates to physical violence, and provide emergency accomodation when this is not viable.Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!


Growing up "different" isn’t easy and coming out can be one of the most challenging things someone who is of diverse sex, sexuality or gender (DSG) will ever do. Startout matches people of diverse sex, sexuality and gender (DSG) with role models from the LGBT community to help build resilience and self-acceptance.

Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!

The Indigenous Literacy Fund

Being able to read opens so many doors. But in very remote Indigenous communities, books are all too scarce and literacy levels are so much lower than anywhere else in Australia. The purpose of ILF is to make a difference to the lives of Indigenous families by not only gifting thousands of new culturally appropriate books – with a focus on early literacy and first language - but also by running programs to inspire the communities to tell and publish their own stories.Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!

The Rescue Collective

Based in Brisbane, they provide a collective community environment in which people like you can get involved in supporting domestic animal rescue and wildlife rescue around Australia.


Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!

Treading Lightly

Treading Lightly is a not-for-profit environmental organisation that was formed with the intention of achieving real solutions to improve our communities and the world at large.They provide a hub for community initiatives that encourage positive change, working together with local businesses, other community groups, schools, charities and (N)GO’s towards a more sustainable future for all. They explicitly want to bring those along that want to tread more lightly on our planet but are not quite sure how to just yet.Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!


WIRES has been rescuing and caring for wildlife for almost 35 years and is the largest wildlife rescue organisation in Australia. They have over 3,000 volunteers, 28 local branches, a dedicated Rescue Office that operates 24/7, 365 days a year assisting the community to help native animals in distress.Want to support this worthy cause? Check it out here!