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CHAKRA:    third eye, crown

SIGNS:  virgo


PLANET:  earth

ALTERNATIVE NAMES:  heterosite-purpurite, Mangani purpurite

CRYSTAL SYSTEM:  orthorhombic

COLOUR:  dark purple to purplish red

AFFIRMATION:  “My soul will not be tamed by anyone”

BEST FOR:   connecting you to your spirituality and the spirituality of the universe

ORIGINS:  USA, Australia, Namibia, France, Brazil

COMPANION STONES:  paired with rubellite, this stone can help realign and open your chakras and enable you to get rid of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues;  when used with black obsidian, dumortierite, amethyst, or unakite, it will help you beat bad addictions and let go of unhealthy attachments

RARITY:  rare

Purpurite connects you to your spirituality and the spirituality of the universe. It has powerful healing abilities and helps to purify the mind and soul. Purpurite emits an energy of protection and keeps your aura free of negativity. It aids in releasing stress and letting go of worry. Purpurite’s ability to connect you to your spirituality opens you to higher perception.

Purpurite stimulates the Crown Chakra and connects you to a higher consciousness. It makes you more aware of your own mind and the energy of the universe, allowing you to open yourself to truth in all ways. Purpurite helps you to access and trust your insight.