Green Opal

Green Opal

relationships | heart energy | change


CHAKRA:  heart

SIGNS:  sagittarius, aries

ELEMENT:  earth, water

PLANET:  earth

ALTERNATIVE NAMES:  Apple Opal, Kiwi Opal, Potch

CRYSTAL SYSTEM:  amorphous

COLOUR:  lime to olive green

AFFIRMATION:  “I have a strong and loving connection with all my relationships in my life ”

BEST FOR:  cleansing and rejuvenating energy, supporting health, prosperity and abundance, aiding and strengthening all relationships (romantic, friends, family and business)

ORIGINS:  worldwide

COMPANION STONES:  to open and cleanse the heart, pair with other heart stones such as Rhodonite, Green Calcite, Rose Quartz, and Amazonite; for grounding during meditation – Black Tourmaline, Hematite and Galena

RARITY:  common


Green opal is seen to assist in strengthening all types of relationships; romantic, friends, family, and business, especially when worn in a pendant around the neck, (or tucked into your bra next to your heart).

It is sometimes referred to as the stone of change. It is a spiritual stone that also assists in opening up psychically. On a physical level, Opal can help to cool a fever and infections and improve memory function.

Opal is thought to assist in releasing fear and sending comforting support to those who are grieving. It is a lovely gentle supporting stone.