Agatised Coral

Agatised Coral

CHAKRA:  sacral, root

SIGNS:  pisces, gemini

ELEMENT:  water

MINERAL FAMILY:  chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline form of quartz


COLOUR:  white, yellow, red, orange, pink, grey, blue, black


Agatised Coral serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of life and the power of interdependance. This mineral encourages us to recognise that there is an ebb and flow to our lives; we can both evolve and remain the same. It is a powerful stone that offers perspective on the mysteries of life on this planet.

Agatised Coral is known for its calming qualities and for helping to reason through emotionally turbulent times. It helps us to observe our relationships objectively, to determine which are mutually beneficial, and which are potentially damaging. Agatised Coral guides us to recognise the truth without bias or guilt and to take steps that result in the highest good.

Agatised Coral encourages cooperative and diplomatic behaviour. It enables us to comprehend, design, and implement holistic solutions that benefit collective interests. It is a potent symbol for those who study and protect the environment, as well as those in the field of marine science. It additionally facilitates the evaluation of how to safeguard ourselves, our communities, and our world.