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How to use


- a fireproof bowl or vessel (eg wrought iron cauldron)

- metal tongs

- a lighter

- Charcoal Disks

- Salt or Sand

- loose cleanse herbs


STEP 1: Prepare your space by opening your windows and doors.

STEP 2: Prepare your cleanse bowl by adding salt in the bottom to sit your charcoal disc on. If you are using a cauldron, you can skip this step.

STEP 3: Using the tongs, grab the charcoal disc and light it using the lighter. Make sure you hold the flame on it until it starts to spark quite a bit. Once it stops sparking, blow on it and it should glow red hot. Set it on your bed of salt or in the bottom of your cauldron

STEP 4: Place approximately a tablespoon of your loose incense on top. The herbs & resins should start to burn right away. The disc should burn for around 30 minutes.

STEP 5: While saying the affirmation (or one of your own), either walk through your home to spread the smoke from room to room or place it in the centre of your space and let it cleanse.



Only use your loose cleanse in a well ventilated area, do not leave to burn unsupervised, and when in use please keep in mind the bowl will become hot.

Despite the fact we love to burn things, the objective is not to start a fire! You want your mix to smoulder, not flame up, or explode.

You are welcome to use a feather direct the cleansing energy as the smoke rises from your vessel, however we prefer for the smoke to be fluid and go where it feels.

Feel free to hold your crystals and even tarot cards over the bowl to cleanse them and set the intention.

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Customer Reviews

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Fiona Graham
Loose Cleanse Daily Ritual Jar

I have purchased a number of times from Unearthed Crystals and each time my order has arrived very quickly and beautifully packaged. The website and ordering is very easy to navigate and the customer service is exceptional. I love the jar. It smells amazing and bigger than I thought it would be. It looks beautiful on a shelf as décor also.


So happy when my purchase arrived. The jar is HEAPS bigger than I imagined- looks cute on my shelf as part of my decor. I have a tiny apartment where toast sets of my detector, so I have be careful about using - in a house or bigger apartment it wouldn't be an issue (thats a me problem, not a product problem!). Smells herby, looks pretty, it has been a discussion point with friends. Love it.


These are amazing jars are so cute and so much bigger than I expected which I love they smell so good and also double up as cute house decor