Self Esteem + Courage Antidote Box ©

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Stand tall in your own worth with our Self Esteem & Courage Antidote Box ©.  It’s time to increase your self-esteem, release limiting beliefs and accept joy into your life

Combining the optimism of Citrine, the calm, peaceful & loving energy of Rose Quartz, the goddess lunar magic energies of Rainbow Moonstone, the courage of Amazonite, the mental clarification of Tiger’s Eye and the fiery power of Pyrite to ignite you from the inside out, this collection of stones will help you realise your worth, and have the courage to stand up for what you deserve.


  • 1 x Citrine - this is a stone of happiness, positivity and removing any negative thoughts.
  • 1 x Rose Quartz - this stone gives us the highest divine love for our self and helps us understand others and accept them. It also activates the heart chakra for self confidence
  • 1 x Rainbow Moonstone - the stone of goddess lunar magic energies. It is the ultimate mood stone and allows us to let our inner self grow with confidence. This is for the Sacral Chakra which can affect our emotions and actions. 
  • 1 x Amazonite - brings courage and calm in stressful situations, it allows us to go with the flow
  • 1 x Tiger’s Eye - the stone of courage, strength and power. This releases our inner core strength and energizes our solar plexus or our Root chakra for balance.
  • 1 x Pyrite - a stone which is literally named after the word meaning ‘fire’, it will ignite you from the inside out.

PLUS a raw timber mandala box to house them all in, and a quartz point to power these babies up!

Tip: In using these or any healing crystals, it's often a matter of personal preference but when we're working with a certain stone set we like to keep it on or near us. Popular locations include a pocket, purse, desk, nightstand, kitchen counter or even in the car.

Take Care/Beware:  Healing crystals should never be used in place of traditional medical treatment. Use crystals only as a potential compliment and support to other well being treatments and therapies. Always consult with a licensed medical professional. 

Please note: each box will differ slightly on crystal sizing & patterns, however we endeavour to create each as identical as possible. Regardless of the size of a crystal, its energy properties remain the same.


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