DAY 21 | Owyhee Blue Opal Pencil

DAY 21 | Owyhee Blue Opal Pencil

Connected with the calm, stillness of water, Owyhee Blue Opal reminds us to ride the prevailing currents and dream true with the help of its strong celestial energies.

Wear it over your heart to connect to your spiritual guides, undo destructive patterns and communicate clearly with those closest to you, starting with the beautiful soul staring you back in the mirror.  You.  Pull back your shoulders, clear your throat and let your truest soul shine through with Owyhee Blue Opal as your guide.


The History of Owyhee Blue Opal

From the ancient Indian Owyhee springs in Oregon, USA, Owyhee Blue Opal is the rarest form of Opal.  Before we had the technology to discover why some opals demonstrated colour play (or opalescence), this phenomenon was considered magical.  Before the Middle Ages, opals were often referred to as the “Queen of Gems,” out of the belief that opals contained every gemstone within them.

Blue Opals, in particular, are brimming with mystical interpretations from different cultures since time immemorial.  In ancient Greece Blue Opals formed from the joyful tears of Zeus, in Arabic culture, gods sent the stones from heaven through lightning bolts, and ancient Incas claimed they were a gift from the Earth Goddess, Pachamama.  In Europe, Blue Opals became symbols of innocence and hope and, in more recent history, Oregon’s Owyhee Blue Opals specifically have been historically linked to the spirit realm.


Recognising Owyhee Blue Opal

Pliny the Elder claimed opal’s colour play could “equal the deepest and richest colors of painters.”

Blue Opal gemstones are not a mineral, like other gemstones, but an amorphous mineraloid. Meaning, the chemical composition is composed of microcrystalline silica spheres that layer to refract the blue light spectrum.  Owyhee Blue Opals have a dreamy, banded design that make them particularly sought after.

Owyhee Blue Opal rates a 5-6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, similar to Turquoise or Hematite


What is Owyhee Blue Opal used for?

Opals radiate gentle energy. But don’t be fooled by their overwhelmingly chill vibe, these babies still pack an extremely high vibrational punch.  The reverberating energies of this magnetising gem mirror hidden feelings and root out buried emotions.  Bringing serenity in times of overwhelmingly bad juju and stress, OBO can help you communicate with your inner-self and remind you to be gentle with yourself and show the same forgiveness you’d offer a loved one.  Serenity now!

Offering easy visualisation and a clear mind for embracing new perspectives, Owyhee Blue Opal resonates with the Throat Chakra.  It is a stone that inspires clear and confident communication and can be especially helpful for those who might have trouble expressing their thoughts or speaking up for themselves.  The blue tone of this alluring gemstone also eases the process of change.

Blue-toned Owyhee Opal allows the soul to see beyond the physical reality and experience the real picture, the true beauty of nature and life and evoke the spirituality of the one who wears it.   This charismatic stone holds the potential to connect the inner spirit with the spirits of the universe.

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