DAY 25 | Chrysocolla + Copper Slab

DAY 25 | Chrysocolla + Copper Slab

Perfect For:

This is the ultimate collector's piece! Material such as this has only been found in ONE place and from a single mining site in Indonesia. We have been lucky enough to get our hands on a large Rough and had it cut up into pieces so we could all have a bit - how cool is that! We are all literally connected through the same exact stone!



calm | balance | healing


CHAKRA:  solar plexus, heart + throat

SIGNS:  Sagittarius, Taurus

ELEMENT:  water


COLOUR:  Green-blue, swirling deep green with copper flecks or shelves

AFFIRMATION:  "Wise thoughts preceded my words and deeds"

BEST FOR:  Gives the wisdom to become complete within the self, the best basis for any relationship; detachment from placating immature adults who are never satisfied.

ORIGINS:  Indonesia


This combination has strong and loving energies that can act and resonate with your chakras. It also has an emotionally-based energy that can benefit you in many ways.

It's healing abilities that can be beneficial to you on a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level. It’s a stone that can create, conduct, and store energy!

Chrysocolla + Copper will stimulate loving feelings and work on attuning or adjusting your emotional systems. It will bring you peace and calm in your heart, and you will achieve emotional balance.

It’s a stone that can draw out the hurt and pain, and release the stress and the fears in your relationship.

Also, helping you deal with the issues in your relationship that you’re uncomfortable or afraid to tackle!

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