DAY 9 | Tiger Eye Mini Flame

DAY 9 | Tiger Eye Mini Flame

Why a flame?

We chose a flame for this stone as the chatoyance in the Tiger Eye creates an effect that almost makes the stone dance when rolled side to side - try it!



strength | protection | courage


CHAKRA: solar, sacral

SIGNS: capricorn, leo

ELEMENT: fire, erarth

PLANET: sun, mars



COLOUR: brown with yellow/gold chatoyancy  

AFFIRMATION: “I am confident in my vision and empowered in my decision making.”

BEST FOR: increases confidence, empowerment + protection. Brings focus and determination to support resilience in stressful times. Gives strength and positivity to help change perspective

ORIGINS: Predominantly South Africa + Australia

CRYSTAL COMPANIONS: for building self-confidence – citrine, for manifesting – pyrite, for joy – amber, for emotional trauma – amazonite


With an aesthetic as bold and powerful as its healing properties, Tiger Eye helps balance toxic emotions by keeping the mind uber focussed on your true desires.  Tiger Eye is protective while keeping you thoroughly grounded.  It enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, and practicality and can help you see clearly and without illusion through the jungle of your emotions.

Tiger Eye can give you the strength to stop dreaming and the courage to start living.  With Tiger Eye as a (literal) touchstone, it’s time to harness the strength of a Bengal tiger and take on the world with a mighty roar.


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