Day 15 | Included Quartz Freeform

Day 15 | Included Quartz Freeform




healing | manifesting | spirituality  

Also known as Included/Inclusion Quartz, Lodolite’s multi-hued inclusions can look like underwater scenes, ethereal landscapes and gardens.  Usually used in meditation, unearthly Lodolite’s powerful, but soothing energies can instantly pull the bearer into a deep meditative state.

Lodolite will bring energies of manifestation into your life, enhance communication with higher beings, increase your spiritual energies and infuse you with a quiet and gentle strength to help you overcome your personal challenges, all leading you down the path to fulfilling your heart’s truest desires.



COLOUR:  white, cream, orange, green, grey, red

BEST FOR:  powerful manifestation crystal, connecting to past lives, healing past life trauma, enhance psychic abilities

ORIGINS:  Brazil, Austria, Switzerland, USA

COMPANION STONES:  for incredible healing power -  other members of the quartz family, to open the heart chakra – rose quartz, for manifesting desires – topaz, stilbite, scolecite; to elevate your mood - lepidolite

RARITY:  not rare