Day 24 | Nakauriite Tower

Day 24 | Nakauriite Tower




patience | peace | courage  

Nakauriite is a powerful yet gentle, emotional healer. It resolves old karmic wounds from all lifetimes and purifies the throat and heart chakras, it is especially great for cleansing the heart chakra. Nakauriite strengthens and balances the emotional body by bringing healing and harmonization to tense emotions. Helps release toxic emotions and old emotional wounds in a gentle and loving way.

Named after the type locality at the Nakauri mine on Honshu Island, Japan. This rare mineral occurs as filling fractures in serpentinite at its type locality and on chromatite from serpentinite at a Scottish locality at Hagdale Quarry. Additional localities include the United States, Italy, and Austria. Nakauriite occurs associated with chrysotile, magnesite, artinite, pyroaurite, brochantite, malachite, callaghanite, hydromagnesite, antigorite, talc, quartz, theophrastite, pentlandite, and heazlewoodite.


CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Orthorhombic

COLOUR: sky blue, light blue  


ORIGINS: JAPAN, United States, Italy, and Austria