Day 22 | Pink Scolecite Flame

Day 22 | Pink Scolecite Flame




connection | confidence | peace  

“Me, I'm waiting so patiently
Lying on the floor
I'm just trying to do this jigsaw puzzle
Before it rains anymore”

-- The Rolling Stones, Jigsaw Puzzle


Start with the corners and work your way in, Scolecite is a stone of connections, patterns, and peace.  

The easy energy that pulses from this crystal provides the energy to help network, make connections and see patterns.   Scolecite’s wild striated prisms draw out the root of a problem and help the bearer problem solve like a badass modern-day Thomas Edison.

The gentle, yet powerful energy of mellow Scolecite aids introverts in puzzling through growing and improving relationships, understanding, and stabilising organisations and groups and just general “people-ing”, while promoting gentleness, inner peace and living from the heart with peace and lack of fear.

Hide snow white Scolecite under your pillow at night to invite sweet lucid dreaming and help marshal the intense insights often lost in forgotten dreams.  This bad vibe buffer will allow the bearer to wake full of inner peace and sweet… Satisfaction.



CRYSTAL SYSTEM:  monoclinic

COLOUR:  white

AFFIRMATION:  “my mind and heart are at peace as I journey more and more deeply into the realms of spirit”

BEST FOR:  removing energy blockages, aids meditation, connecting to divine energy

ORIGINS:  predominantly India, Iceland, Australia

COMPANION STONES:  for manifesting - lodolite

RARITY:  uncommon