Day 6 | Sardonyx Pet Rock

Day 6 | Sardonyx Pet Rock

protection | happiness | good fortune

Sardonyx is an Agate that is a mixture of the patterning of Carnelian (or Sard), and Onyx, so it has red brown base colouring with either black or white stripes.  It is fairly hard to find naturally now.

As it is a mixture of these stones,  it embodies within it the vibrations of these two energies, that meld together to create a new and very helpful stone.

Sardonyx has a positive vibration that helps you to attract new friendships.

It will improve your close relationships and is a good stone to aid the thinking processes, as it has a strong vibration within the crown and third eye chakras.

Sardonyx provides you the stabilisation and strength required to have the endurance, energy, and fortitude to create good fortune based on good moral ethics. With this grounding stone you will be able to translate your energies into tangible results.

Sardonyx bestows stability, self-confidence, and a hopeful attitude. It helps overcome sadness and brings joy that is easily transferred to others. This stone you understand and overcome feelings helplessness and bullying.  It lifts depression and encourages you to take action to make overdue changes in your life.