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Crystals for a Better Night’s Sleep | Children's Edition

When your little one isn’t sleeping at night, most parents reach a point where they are willing to try ANYTHING to get themselves a slice of that precious shut eye.


And if the traditional methods have tried and failed – the white noise machine, softly glowing night light, humidifier, rocking back and forth in the corner while silently screaming….


Maybe it’s time to embrace something a little more – unconventional, like… crystals for example!  We probably don’t need to tell you that this is nothing new, people have been turning to metaphysical methods to heal maladies of all kinds for thousands of years, but crystals are having a bit of a moment, so – which crystals should you put in your baby’s room if you’re searching for those Zzzzzs?




One of the great all-rounders of the crystal world, the February birthstone’s healing properties are plentiful.  Apart from being pretty AF, your Amethyst crystal will support positive vibes in your baby’s space.  Its purifying energy is linked to cleansing the mind of negative thoughts and it also a protective stone and thought to reduce nightmares. 




All that glitters is not gold, not all those who wander are lost,” but Fool’s Gold Pyrite is worth its weight in gold.  Making your bebe feel protected and secure even when you’re not in the same space, shiny Pyrite is known to deflect negative energy from the place where it is placed, and it can even transform any negative energy into positive or loving energy, calming baby’s space and easing the transition to sweet dreaming when you leave the room.




True to its colour, Amber is warm and radiant.  Though often regarded as a gemstone, Amber is actually a fossilised nectar brought forth by the OG mother herself, Mother Earth.  Amber is so revered for its soothing, relaxing and calming energy that it has actually been used in teething necklaces for hundreds of years.  And while we don’t recommend leaving a necklace hanging anywhere near little one’s sleeping quarters, we do prescribe placing a piece nearby while they sleep (and reaping the benefits!).




This dreamy, ethereal stone directly channels the moon, a formidable force that has the power to push and pull the tides of the five deep oceans, not to mention our own natural rhythms.  Moonstone offers support during periods of major hormonal change and is known to beneficial in pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding.  It also helps with digestion and assimilation of nutrients, which is essential for settling tiny tummies and helping new baby get a good night sleep.


Black Tourmaline


Also recommended as a powerful soothing stone for babies, this beautiful and unusual crystal combines the negativity busting power of Black Tourmaline with the universal clarity of Quartz to wash away bad juju and restore harmony and tranquillity to establish your perfect (night!) light.  Primarily a protective stone, it actually protects against bad thoughts and energy, so protecting your baby’s precious slumber.



So, whether you’re a crystal noob or an old hand like us, these are our top five options for you to help calm your wakeful babe and get that beauty rest you so desperately need. Other great options in our arsenal include blue lace agate, lepidolite, rose quartz, blue calcite.


Sweet Dreams xx


Psssst – we don’t *usually* offer shortcuts, but if you’re looking for a little something-something to trial before taking the leap into full blown crystal décor in the nursery – our Twinkle Twinkle Mist for Kids is a gentle, sweet blend of pure essential oils + crystals to diffuse while the sun is setting or before you hop into bed, creating a restful haven for the young (and young at heart).

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