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Decorating with Crystals

 Decorating with Crystals


Let’s face it – Crystals are pretty. 


Even if you don’t believe in the incredible power and energy they can bring to your life, you can’t deny that they’re aesthetically pleasing.  Especially when shaped or polished (although – some stones are at their most stunning in their natural form), and these days, you can buy all sorts of decorative items made from or incorporating precious stones, all of which can automatically re-energise their surroundings, especially if you choose them for their esoteric properties too.


But y’know – we’re not going to blame you if you’re just choosing for looks.  YOLO.



For our Energy & Vibration Lovers


Crystals such as Smoky Quartz & Black Tourmaline have the ability to absorb negativity and electromagnetic smog and pour out pure, clean energy. A large Smoky Quartz cluster or shaped point can look stunning as a decorative object, belying its practical cleansing purpose, an Amethyst geode has the same effect.  Bubye toxic bad break-up juju, hello peaceful, Zen safe haven.


Also, if you find that computers have a debilitating effect on your good vibes, a Fluorite cluster or a piece of Lepidolite can be placed beside it to balance the energy.


A large Citrine geode placed in your wealth corner (farthest left rear corner from the front door of your home) is not only gorgeous in its own right but can attract wealth and help you keep it.  Dollar, dollar bills y’all! 


Or if it's love that you seek, try placing a large piece of pretty pink Rose Quartz in your relationship corner (farthest right rear corner from the front door), or put a piece beside your bed.  Sensual Rose Quartz’s effect is so powerful it might be wise to add an Amethyst to regulate the attraction (or turn off the notifications on Tinder at the very least).



Looks Can Be Everything!


There is just something about a rock and mineral collection…  it’s not just me, right?  I have bowls and trays filled with rock and mineral samples in my home.   They just look amazingly powerful.  A similar design strategy: placing your mineral samples in glass display boxes (or even terrariums) and becoming a certified Pinterest Goddess.


Can’t get your friends and fam on board with the healing energy of rocks and stones?  Good vibe decorating is a growing trend and the use of crystals and rocks as bookends, candleholders, lamps and even coffee table ornaments is skyrocketing – so why not sneak some healing power into their home in the form of on-trend homewares and tchotchkes?


At Unearthed we are currently LOVING Agate Geode bookends and crystal lamps and – hot tip – we can source all these items for you by request.  


So if you’ve got a hankering for some pretty crystal decorative items, whether it’s for you, or you’re “asking for a friend” – hit us up, slide into our DMs, send smoke signals, semaphore, actually voice to voice talking down a phone line, whatever floats your boat - just get in touch! ⁠




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