Why do some people feel crystals and others don’t?

Why do some people feel crystals and others don’t?


How do you know if someone’s into crystals??  Don’t worry… we’ll tell you.


If you’ve spent any time with someone who loves their crystals, I’m sure you’ve been given the low down on why they are the holy grail….calling ourselves out here 🙈 


Need to invite a little love into your life?  Make like supermodel-turned-beauty boss Miranda Kerr and sleep with a piece of Rose Quartz under your pillow.  Looking to slay a big presentation?  Tuck some confidence boosting Carnelian in your bra, à la Grammy Award winner Adele.  Or, for that celebrity glow, you could add a Jade Roller to your beauty regimen, like the one Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice) swears by.


But… all this precious stone praise can make it extra disappointing if you’re one of the (many!) people who just doesn’t feel the connection.  Obviously, one of the most overwhelming desires that people experience when beginning to work with crystals as healing tools is the ability to feel the stone’s energy.


So, what’s the deal? Why do some people feel crystals and others just don’t?


First, don’t give up too soon.  If you pick up a crystal and hear crickets, you are not alone!  The ability to feel those mystical energies does come easy to some, even to the point of being oversensitive. Others, however, find it much more difficult; and that is totally normal!


The degree of sensitivity you have can be related to how you process things


For example, some people are empaths – meaning they feel things deeply and are prone to taking on outside energies.  This mostly works well with crystal energy; however you can often be left feeling overwhelmed by high vibe stones. Hot tip: if My Girl doesn’t make you ugly cry – you’re probably *not* an empath.


Others are less prone to taking on energy and instead connect with their stones via sounds, visions, or thoughts.  These types of people may be less likely to “feel” the energy of a crystal, but this just means they may need to interact with their stones in different ways.


Your emotions (and how you deal with them) have a profound effect on perceiving crystal energy


Blocked or underdeveloped emotions can hinder the ability to feel crystals. 


Underdeveloped Emotions could be the result of a young soul, who has lived only a short time here.  You develop emptions by living the human experience, so when a person has lived many lifetimes, a more profound sense of emotional capacity, expression and articulation are apparent.  It may be difficult for a young soul to feel things entirely, but this isn’t a bad thing. It only means the ability has yet to be developed.


Blocked Emotions can be caused by experiencing trauma or suffering (in this lifetime or others).  Numbing the energy field and emotional body is a very common coping mechanism. For example, in an unsafe environment, people often bottle up their emotions, shut them down, or store them away in the energy field. It’s hella important to understand that it’s pretty damn challenging to feel crystals if you can’t feel your emotions.


In contrast, some people have extreme emotional reactions like intense anger or sadness, with little room in between.  This can also affect your ability to feel crystals or dilute any deep experiences with the crystal’s subtle energies. 


So, if you are attracted to crystals but have trouble feeling and interacting with them, there’s a good chance that damages to the emotional body may be the cause.


The solution?  Keep practicing


If you’ve never been able to feel crystals’ energy, this isn’t going to happen overnight.  Practice makes perfect and eventually, if you deal with your energy blockages and keep working with your stones, eventually you’ll begin to feel not only the crystals’ energy but find yourself better able to connect with and understand certain emotions as well.


Work with crystals that support emotional development, like Rose Quartz or Orange Calcite. Learning to feel, develop, and articulate our emotions is maybe *the* most important thing when attempting to develop higher consciousness.


Lastly, remember that it’s totally fine to just have crystals because you like the look of them too! You don’t have to be into the healing or metaphysical side of them – using them as décor in your home and wearing them because you think they’re pretty is completely acceptable. Everyone’s crystal journey will be different – and that is ok.











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