WTAF is an Aura?

WTAF is an Aura?


The truth is most of us haven't the faintest idea what an aura is.


We may have a vague memory of hearing it mentioned by that wacky aunt, or the proprietor of a “new age” store in a TV sitcom, but let’s be honest… how many of us could actually explain what exactly an aura is?


Well, in simple terms – your aura is an invisible energy field that surrounds you and plays just as significant a role in how you feel on a day-to-day basis as your physical body or mental health.


Anything alive has an aura and the different colours of your aura can provide insight into your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Your aura has seven layers


Also known as the subtle bodies or planes, your aura has seven layers, corresponding to your body’s seven chakras. Think of the layers of your aura like an onion, where the middle is your physical body.


The physical aura plane


Also called the etheric layer, this is closest to the physical body and is connected to physical health, pain and pleasure (you’re definitely going to want to keep this one shining bright and light).


The emotional layer


Extends up to three inches away from your body and corresponds to your emotions.  If you’re all up in your feelings, this plane is going to reflect that.  It changes colour depending on your mood and will appear dull or muted if you’re experiencing emotional turmoil.


The mental plane


Has to do with logic and reasoning.  This is the third layer from your body and relates to your ego, values and beliefs.  Finding a crew who share a mental plane bond is one of life’s essentials!


The astral body


Still moving outward, this layer sits in the middle of the seven and is said to connect the lower three auric planes to the three higher ones.  Strongly connected to the heart charka, this plane is where you store your capacity for love.  Don’t skimp on keeping that astral plane cleansed and ready to mingle.


The spiritual aura plane


Also referred to as the manifestation layer or etheric double, this plane reflects your spiritual health and connects to you the wider universe.  This plane is where you find your psychic abilities, helping you tap into other people’s energy and connect with people on your wavelength.  Fk yes, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout.


The celestial body


This is all about your intuition and is linked with the third eye chakra.  It’s also the plane of enlightenment.  People with a strong celestial body tend to be highly creative – hello lockdown crocheters, we’re talking to you.


The ketheric template


The “I am” layer – this is the last aura plane – harmonising all the other layer’s and helping guide you on your life’s path.  This is your potential connection with “the divine” (whatever the hell that may mean for you) and extends up to three feet away from the physical body.



So now you’re 100% across WTF your aura actually is, it’s time to talk about how to read it and how to treat it right.


If you’ve even read any Harry Potter fan fiction (Drarry?  Snermione?  You know what we're talkin’ bout) you will 100% have heard mention of aura colours.  If not, either pause now to go fall down a Dramione hole for the next month or so, or, you know, refrain from extreme levels of nerdiness and just read on, we’ll explain it without mentioning anything about the Potterverse again… we swear.


The Colour of Your Aura is Reflective of Your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health


The colours of your aura correspond to the colours of the seven chakras.  At any given time, your aura is radiating a mixture of colours and light (it will never just be one colour) and each of these shades says a whole lot about how you might be feeling. 


Knowing which of the seven colours corresponds with each of your chakras is the first step in interpreting what your aura is telling you.


Red / Red is the colour of the root chakra, which is at the base of your spinal column, housing your foundational issues, like who you are, your home, career, manifesting powers, sexual energy (rawr) and your values.  It relates to our connection with the physical body and the tangible world.


Red appears in the auras of fearless individuals who have a natural understanding of their physical reality and enjoy manifesting desires in the material world.  They are passionate, energetic and driven.  Those with red emissions in their energy fields are powerful people that rarely deny themselves the pleasures of the physical plane.


But keep in mind that the saturation or brightness of a colour in your aura can indicate a variety of things. If the red in your aura is murky or dark, you may be holding on to anger, frustration or trauma. It can also indicate low energy, exhaustion or being over-worked (which is why you may be seeing an abundance of red aura clouds rn, who can blame us, right?)


Orange / The colour orange is associated with your sacral chakra, located in your lower abdomen.  The sacral chakra deals with creative and sexual energy, and our emotional auric plane.  Orange is the energy centre for exchange and relationships, placing high value on friendships and interacting with others.


People who consistently have an orange aura do tend to do things their own way and can struggle with compromise, but they’re also very tapped into the world of sensuality and pleasure – they want to please others and are often the best gift-givers!


If your aura contains orange, there’s also a solid chance that you are fiercely independent and a realist.

Yellow / Yellow reflects your solar plexus chakra (situated a few inches above your belly button).  Your solar plexus chakra houses your personality, self-esteem and personal power.  It’s basically the definition of who you are to the world.


Those who radiate yellow tend to vibrate with confidence, a strong sense of self-esteem and the ability to inspire others.  They are natural leaders, tend to be pretty bloody great to be around and have an innate ability to lighten the mood even in the dreariest of times (hello 2021, I’m talking to you!).


People with yellow auras tend to be creative, curious and optimistic.


Green & Pink / Relating to the heart chakra, these two colours represent love – for others and for yourself. 


The heart chakra houses compassion and the energy of forgiveness and folks with green or pink present in their auras radiate unconditional love and a life force energy that is sensed by all beings that come into their presence.  They tend to be compassionate, kind and loving.


Blue / Resonating with the throat chakra, blue represents expression and communication.  A clear light blue in the aura is indicative of a soul with natural expressive gifts and the in-born ability to speak their truth.  They tend to have a deep inner knowledge or insight and rarely need to rely on outside facts or data for substantiation.


Blue aura dreamer’s core beliefs are rooted in honesty and clarity, they are intuitive and empathetic, love to gather and share wisdom and are born philosophers.


Purple or Violet / A purple aura is related to your third-eye chakra, which, if you’ve ever done yoga, you’re probably familiar with.  It’s located above your physical eyes, in the centre of your forehead and represents your vision of everything you desire to create and the seat of your intuition.


People with violet in their auras are usually dynamic and charismatic.  They are visionaries and have a driving urge to do something important with their life.  Their special talent is an inborn ability to see the “bigger picture”.


If you glow with purpleness (like a certain Arist formerly known as…) you may find you have some sort of psychic ability, or, at the very least, are highly intuitive.


White / Incredibly rare, white auras relate to the crown chakra (located at the top of your head).  A pure, all white aura is the mark of a being who has transcended the limitations of the physical realm.


They are free from personal issues, hang-ups and late night pizza cravings.  These rare individuals are unconcerned with worldly matters and are operating from a positive, upligfting and non-judgmental state.


BLACK / If your aura appears black, it's a sign you might be holding on to some negative thoughts and emotions, which block the flow of energy through your chakras. You may feel burnt out, exhausted or sick, all of which can dull your aura. 


But there is no such thing as a black aura – the appearance is just a lack of energy.


 Now you’re basically an aura expert/rockstar – it’s time to learn how to keep yours star light, star bright.


Sometimes no matter how well you maintain your aura, you need a deeper cleansing session and in times like these, it’s easy to let negative energy weigh us down, so here are a few hot tips on scrubbing the existential 2020/21 gunge off your invisible energy field…


Plunge into water


By far one of the easiest ways to give your aura a good ol’ cleansing is to plunge into a (preferably cold) invigorating body of water.  Physically and emotionally cleansing, our lakes, streams and oceans hold a deep power to cleanse the body and soul.


Bath in Sunlight


Another way to beautifully neutralise any negative energy or cleanse dull aura colours is to step out into bright and warm sunshine.  The sun holds within it super healing powers and its pure light can cleanse away the darkness.


Return to Nature


GTF Outside!  Fluorescent light soul burn is a real thing.  Whether it’s an overnight hike or a short stroll, getting back to nature (the beach, forest, mountains, wherever!) can do wonders for a fractured soul.  Let the fresh air, bird song and pure scent and light clear out the pollution of the modern-day urban sprawl, leaving you connected to your primal senses once more.


Go Cleanse Yourself


In the same way you might cleanse a place or space to refresh its energy – you can do the same to yourself to give your aura a spring clean.  Just set your intentions and waft that beautiful smoke all about yourself (do be careful not to inhale too much though!).




Meditation and visualisation are powerful tools for clearing negative energies and are a great every day, preventative method of keeping your aura in tip top shape.  Whether you have five days or five minutes, take the time to retreat from the physical, clear the mind and cleanse yourself with some deep breathing.


Bring in the Aura Crystals


When all else fails - aura crystals are a powerful way to strengthen your aura – and while you may resonate with any type of crystal depending on your energy – here are some of our faves (click each colour to be taken to the store):


Black Obsidian / for grounding

Aragonite / to remove blockages and release pent up negative energies

Citrine / to help embrace abundance and stand firm within your personal power

Selenite / for promoting peace, nurturing and renewing your energy field  

Rose Quartz / to promote positive energy and restore emotional balance

Amethyst / for reconnecting with your intuition

Clear Quartz / the master healer, to amplify your other crystals and connect to your higher self



So, what are you waiting for?  We’re all in dire need of a good aura cleansing right about now.  Get to it.











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