WTF is an Empath?

WTF is an Empath?


Despite how it might feel like sometimes, when the news cycle insists on bombarding us with 24-hour doom and gloom, there are plenty of sensitive, kind people in the world.  But if you’re feeling other people’s emotions so intensely that they could be your own, that might be a bit beyond just being compassionate.


You might be an Empath.


If you are an Empath or a highly sensitive person you will find that you constantly absorb other people’s energies and emotions like an overused Chux.  You may have trouble sometimes separating others’ emotions and thoughts from your own, which can lead to confusion, energetic overwhelm and heavy aura. And if you ignore this… you will end up sending out the wrong signals to the universe.  You will attract people who like to dump their worries and traumas onto you, and your emotional sponge will just get heavier and grottier.


It's one thing to be compassionate and caring but it's the danger zone for your soul when you take on someone else's drama.  So, if you’re in desperate need of a good psychic ‘wring-out’ – there are ways to deal with the pain (and protect yourself before you become overwhelmed by other people’s energies next time).


How to manage your empathy


The most important part of managing your empathy is setting boundaries – both physically and emotionally/spiritually.


Taking on other people’s emotional baggage is not serving you, and you certainly can’t help others (empaths’ raison d’être) if your energy is being dampened by an excess of empathetic trauma. 


Use daily psychic protection techniques and carry or wear protective crystals.  Put a stop to the excess of energy coming into your personal space from others – especially if that energy is negative!  You can do this by using crystals and stones that will act as a shield and absorb the negative emotions. Wear them or keep them close by at all times and be sure to clear them regularly if you’re using them to protect against or absorb negative energies.


Crystals for Empaths




According to legend, the Hematite crystal was used as a talisman for warriors in 8th Century England because it was believed to preserve the blood or life essence of a fallen soldier wounded in battle.  This easy-to-find crystal helps strengthen your aura and deflect harmful energies and vibrations.  Hematite also helps you avoid Psychic Vampires, whose energy draining powers can make your inner Chux feel like it’s spent the night in a bucket of mud.


Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline has been used for centuries to protect from evil spirits.  It deflects and transforms not only negative energy, but harmful thoughts and shitty people too!  It is often used as an aura cleanser and can help you attain higher levels of awareness.  Wear Black Tourmaline jewellery or carry it with you so you don't pick up on other people’s toxic energy.


Red Jasper


Step aside Lithium, Red Jasper stones are the mood stabilisers we could all use a little more of these days.  RJ has nurturing energy and is said to enhance responsibility, choice, and compassion.  Don’t underestimate the power of this root chakra crystal. Red Jasper can help you develop healthy boundaries and gives a sense of security for highly sensitive people of all kinds.


Rose Quartz


Often thought to be the most “powerful crystal for the heart”, Rose Quartz will help empaths to let go of any sadness or pain causing the heart chakra to be blocked. Rose Quartz is strongly associated with the element of water and its healing properties are naturally fluid.  They wash out those toxic energies and emotions that threaten to weigh you down and help to create a compassionate and joyful buffer zone in your energy field.  Let the love shine in.


Smokey Quartz


Smokey Quartz is a reliable grounding stone that can either help you come down after an emotionally draining day, or protect you from feeling drained by other’s emotions in the first place.

Smokey Quartz will be your ultimate body guard against negative energy. It has the ability to absorb and alter negative energy by sending it back to the Earth for natural healing.




Labradorite is the ultimate crystal for empaths and protection as it deflects negative energy and allows optimism to shine through. It will calm your mind and give you the ability to see things for how they really are which is so important when you mind is racing with a million emotions that aren't yours.

Labradorite will protect your auras and prevent your energy from being drained by those around you. If you have someone in your life who is constantly negative and wants to bring you down with them, Labradorite is a must (and perhaps reconsider allowing this person into your life).



Remember you don't need ALL of these crystals. These are just suggestions of stones that have worked for various people we've helped. You may only find one is calling you, you may find 3 are calling you. Listen to your intuition. 

As you start to work with these crystals for empaths, you’ll find yourself beginning to feel more emotionally stable. It’s important that you try to stay connected to the earth and keep your feet on the ground. Your intentions should always be clear. Separate your own personal feelings and emotions from others and turn your empathy into a blessing instead of a curse.



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