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Said to have a tranquil, authentic and sincere energy, Astrophyllite is also called the 'marriage stone' as it promotes fidelity, truth and complete honesty between partners in a relationship – could come in handy on the next season of MAFS, just sayin’.   

This crystal may help you to truly love yourself by aiding you to come to terms with any actions in your past that you may have difficulty fully accepting. 

Extraordinary and rare, Astrophyllite is said to infuse your entire system with light.  It has strong metaphysical properties for transformation that assist you in recognising your purpose, by illuminating your true self.   Let there be light. 


The History of Astrophyllite 

A very rare hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate mineral, Astrophyllite was first officially discovered in 1854 at Laven Island in Norway.  The name Astrophyllite is derived from the ancient Greek, astron meaning star and phyllon meaning leaf, a reference to its unique star like formation. 

Owing to its low availability and high cost, Astrophyllite is rarely seen in an ornamental capacity.  


Recognising Astrophyllite 

Astrophyllite is an extraordinary titanium mineral, which forms beautiful radiating sheets with variable lustre.  It can almost metallic in one specimen and pearly or greasy in the next.  The colour of Astrophyllite ranges from golden-brown or bronze to reddy-brown and may contain flashes of blue, yellow, amber, orange or cherry inside the rock, with slight variations in the colouration, depending on the exact makeup of the metal. 


What is Astrophyllite used for? 

Astrophyllite is an energetically potent stone that illuminates the true self of the bearer and infuses their entire system with light.   

Brilliant Astrophyllite is regarded as a stone that protects, grounds and calms its keeper. It is a great stone for life partners, as it is believed to activate a soul connection that essentially allows partners to see into each other's souls. This tends to bring honesty, fidelity and intimacy into the relationship or marriage.  

Perhaps because its shape emulates both the stars of the heavens and the leaves of the Earth, Astrophyllite has the unique ability to improve your psychic powers without diminishing your connection to the physical world. 

If you are unsure about the path your life is taking, especially if you are at a fork in the road, try meditating with Astrophyllite to get through that turning point.  A light in the darkness, Astrophyllite can show you that if one door closes, the Universe unlocks another for you, to help you align with your life’s purpose. 

This stone is also said to help you accept your own actions and regrets. For this reason, crystal healers often recommend it to people who are struggling with various types of addiction.  It can alleviate past guilt, and help you focus instead on the potential of your future, which is a much more productive way of dealing with your mistakes.  Time to say goodbye to that pack a day habit with the celestial light and positive energy of Astrophyllite.