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Spotlight on | Black Moonstone


Black Moonstone holds the energy of the new moon and, with it, new beginnings.  Whether it’s a new creative venture, business project, setting new intentions or the start of a pregnancy, reach for Black Moonstone.


Everyone has a dark side, but Black Moonstone’s tender and grounding energy deflects negativity and aids in turning bad moods into positive outcomes.  This stone is tightly associated with the moon and the tides, femininity and yin energy.  Working with Black Moonstone in sync with the moon’s cycle can help cut through your internal layers, releasing creative thought and gently shedding (moon)light on thoughts and patterns you need to let go of in order to pave your pathway to greatness.


The History of Black Moonstone


Black Moonstone is a recently discovered variety of Moonstone, found in Madagascar.  Moonstone has been closely associated with the moon and goddess energies since time immemorial.  Historically, the Romans believed that Moonstones were solidified pieces of moonbeams that had fallen to earth.


Black Moonstone is a relatively recent addition to the Moonstone pantheon and is often associated with the “Dark Moon,” as opposed to the Full Moon.


Recognising Black Moonstone


Moonstone is a variety of Labradorite (a Feldspar mineral) and comes in a variety of shades, with important deposits found in Brazil, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the US.  However, the only known source of Black Moonstone is Madagascar.


Gorgeous and silky smooth, with a velvety finish, Black Moonstone presents as mostly black, containing creamy bands of white, grey, brown, tan or peach, and has a MOHs hardness of 6-6.5.



What is Black Moonstone used for?


Whether it comes from internal, or external forces, we are all faced with negativity.  Black Moonstone is here to provide the protective vibrations that keep our emotional body safe and stable and aid us in channeling our strength to turn bad vibes into strength, power and creativity.


Known for its deep feminine energies, Black Moonstone is a stone for feeling and understanding via intuition and emotion, rather than intellectual reasoning.


Darker Moonstones are known to aid coincidence and synchronicity to promote flow in your life, opening blockages and allowing for guided healing from past emotional trauma.  And they have a number of useful healing attributes, including protecting those with electrical sensitivities.  They are said to block the effects of electrical devices, so next time you’re expecting a drunk “U UP?” text from your ex – maybe stick your phone in a drawer and reach for the Black Moonstone instead.


Black Moonstone is also known for helping hormonal and fluid imbalances and being a powerful ally in female reproduction.  It can also help with puberty and PMS.