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Spotlight on | Covellite


Copper is to crystals as cheese is to wine.  You can have one without the other, but YOLO – why settle for a half-life?   A copper mineral that presents a unique iridescence, highly collectable Covellite is an exquisite, balancing, calming stone.


The History of Covellite


Covellite is a very rare copper sulphide mineral, which crystallises in the form of masses, hexagonal crystals, or as a secondary coating over other copper minerals.  Finding Covellite in crystal form is extremely rare and fine specimens can sell for thousands of dollars.


Covellite was discovered by Italian mineralogist Niccolò Covelli at the base of Mount Vesuvius.  And while he died before the stone could be officially recorded, it was named in his honour 1832.


Covellite can be found in small deposits all over the world in countries like Italy, Brazil, Austria, Argentina, China, Australia, and the United States. 


Recognising Covellite


Covellite is an opaque stone with colours ranging from a deep navy blue to a dark purple, but it is the stone’s deep iridescence that it is coveted for.


Covellite has a hardness of 1.5-2 on the Mohs scale.


What is Covellite used for?


A catalyst for manifestation, your Covellite crystal is both grounding and energising, a stone to transform your dreams into reality.  Covellite possesses powerful metaphysical properties, enabling you to properly harness its energies; achieving this oneness is where the magic happens – bringing miracles both big and small into your life!


Bridging the gap between the physical and ethereal, our minds become open and clean when working with Covellite, helping us to attune to the powerful energies these higher dimensions contain.


Dazzling Covellite is the key to doorways into the past, a trigger for psychic gifts and an enhancer of lucid dreaming and astral travel.  Hold on tight because this baby is ready for flight.