Spotlight on | Danburite

Spotlight on | Danburite


For all those who feel we live in especially dark times, under the soul crush of an ever-present fluorescent bulb and omnipresent patriarchy, bright Danburite can lead us back toward the light.  Opening energy blockages and enhancing the functionality of the chakras, clear Danburite open us up to those dreamy, sunnier states, unmarred by the proliferation of online trolls, COVID lockdowns and gluten intolerances.


The History of Danburite


Discovered in the town of Danbury, Connecticut in 1839, Danburite is a relatively recent crystal discovery and, as a result, isn’t tied to the lore of ancient civilisations or archaic beliefs.  Which isn’t to say it doesn’t pack a serious contemporary punch. 


While it can’t be found in any ancient or medieval lapidaries (texts that describe gemstones and their powers), it is now a must have in any metaphysical wellness worker’s arsenal because of its high vibration.


The original Danburites were not gem-quality, but rather a dull white-yellow stone, now the most highly prized varieties of Danburite come from San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  Gem quality crystals are also found in Myanmar, Mexico, Switzerland and Japan, Burma, the United States, the Czech Republic and Russia.


Recognising Danburite


Gem collectors are attracted to Danburite because of its beautiful crystal clusters. Danburite can be colourless, yellow, white, lilac or pink. 


Danburite is a brittle and a transparent to translucent stone, with a vitreous to greasy lustre.  Stones are generally very bright, but lack fire. Danburite may be confused with colourless Topaz, as they look alike and are both found as wedge shaped prisms.


Danburite has a hardness of 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale.


What is Danburite used for?


Danburite is a high-power healing and energy stone.  Its pure and sweet vibration exudes an an energy that is both gentle and powerful.  Sweet Danburite is considered to be highly spiritual and is an excellent stone for the third eye and crown chakras. Danburite is said to connect the heart to the mind and the mind to the heart.


Your Danburite crystal is one of the cosmos's strongest crystals in alleviating stress and anxiety, reassuring you that not only did you unplug your straightener, but also the universe is heading in exactly the direction it should be.  Ridding your mind of the fast-paced world and alleviating the constant stream of worry and checklists running through our heads on a daily basis, anyone can benefit from the clearing power of a Danburite crystal to keep the stresses at bay.


Physically, danburite is thought to be helpful for detoxification and is said to relieve allergy symptoms and chronic conditions, such as liver or gall bladder infections.