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Spotlight on | Larvikite

Larvikite is all about getting grounded in the body to expand the mind.  Though not prone to flights of fancy, Larkivite is a stone of magic and has a powerful capacity to stimulate metaphysical abilities and increase intuition by connecting the bearer to their higher self.

This luminous stone helps to repel negative energies and is helpful for those learning new information because it allows us to understand things from a higher perspective and assimilate new experience.  Maybe be packing Larkivite next time you start a new job – the location of the bathroom could take on a whole new metaphysical meaning.

 Larkivite supports emotional healing and assists in seeing behind the façade that people present.  It teaches patience & supports us when an ending is required while creating new pathways for knowledge so you can open new doors (bathroom or otherwise).


The History of Larvikite

While Larvikite's history is still quite new (barely 100 years), this gemstone has picked up a number of names during this relatively brief timespan, including Birds Eye Granite, Black Moonstone, Blue Norwegian Moonstone, Blue Pearl Granite, Blue Granite, Norwegian Pearl Granite, Emerald Pearl and Pub Stone (to name a few).

Not technically a Granite by any definition (Larvikite is an igneous rock, specifically a variety of Monzonite), Larvikite’s extensive use in buildings (including its use as a facing stone for a number of pubs in England, thus the moniker “Pub Stone”) has led to the stone being commonly misnamed with a Granite subtitle. 


The name originates from the town of Larvik in Norway, where this type of igneous rock is found. Many quarries exploit Larvikite in the vicinity of Larvik.


Recognising Larvikite

Larvikite is dark grey, dark blue to black, with Quartz or Nepheline inclusions.  Larvikite displays distinctive bluish Schiller characteristic.


What is Larvikite used for?

Larvikite is an enchanting black stone that sparks a sense of wonder and curiosity. Inspiring creative ideas and activating the imagination, Larvikite is deeply connected to the Earth’s ancient energies, both grounding and energising. It is used to quicken the mind and to explore one’s deepest self.

Larvikite is a protective and grounding stone, both cleansing to the subtle bodies and facilitating a strong connection to Earth energies.  Commonly used in meditation to stimulate inner visions, Larvikite will still and focus your mind, ideal for grounding during astral travel and promoting clarity to visions of past life recall.

Lovely Larvikite teaches patience, and can give support when completion and closure to a goal is required.  The energies of this stone will protect you in your day-to-day activities, and keeps the nightmares at bay, offering strong protective energies when you are at your most vulnerable.  This stone dispels harmful or extraneous energies, allowing the bearer to enjoy a positive flow of momenta.

 Larkivite is also very cleansing to the body. It will remove the toxins and the negative energies from both the physical and etheric bodies.  Larvikite can be used to treat disorders of the skin, aid in muscular detoxification and harmonise metabolism and has been used to support weight loss programs.