Spotlight On | Scheelite

Spotlight On | Scheelite

Spotlight on Scheelite


Put away the super-sized-glass-of-red-wine and let Scheelite be your pillar of strength.  Supporting the bearer to remain stable and balanced mentally and emotionally, powerful Scheelite connects you to your soul’s true impulses and helps to integrate them in your everyday life.


The History of Scheelite


Named after Karl Wilhelm Scheele (1742-1786), the Swedish chemist who proved the existence of tungstic oxide in the mineral in 1781, the mineral Scheelite occurs all over the world, however – gem-quality crystals are rare.

You’re more likely to find faceted Scheelites in mineral collections than jewellery collections. Such fragile gems would require protective settings, especially as ring stones. Clean scheelites only with a soft brush, mild detergent, and warm water.


Recognising Scheelite


Scheelite has several colour variations – blue banded with yellowish to colourless inclusions, sometimes white, orange or brown.  Scheelite’s intense fluorescence under SW UV light and X-rays can help distinguish it from other stones of similar appearance, typically glowing an intense blueish-white. 


Large Scheelites are very rare. Some crystals held in museums could yield stones over 100 carats. Smaller, clean gems can be found commercially.  Scheelite has a hardness of 4.5-5 on the MOHs hardness scale.


What is Scheelite used for?


The frequency of Scheelite connects to the sacral, solar plexus and crown chakras, stimulating these chakras to encourage clarity of thought, creativity and organisation, and enhances commitment to action. It helps us to stay connected to our inner thoughts and feelings and to be able to work concisely within set time parameters.


Used to aid in during the meditative state, Scheelite supports consciousness in altered states of awareness making it a powerful crystal for astral travel and shamanic journeys.  Scheelite’s powerful energy makes it almost too strong for quiet meditation, but some who find meditation difficult may find this helpful. Initially, holding it while meditating is like holding a cool flame, and can be used as a point of focus. It can also be used to help restore energy when feeling low and depleted.  Cool Scheelite is also an excellent stone to build community and togetherness with others.


But, when you’re beyond tired and in need of comfort, Scheelite is the crystal equivalent of your mum bringing hot buttered toast, and gently stroking your hair until you fall into a blissful, well needed slumber.  Bringing that peace that surpasses all understanding; Scheelite’s cool flame is chicken soup for the overworked soul.


Physically, Scheelite helps to align and balance the energies within one’s chakric column and can help to stabilise male and female energies and the male reproductive system.