Aegirine Meaning


Aegirine Symbols

Aegirine is an inosilicate mineral of the clinopyroxene group. It’s known for expressing a dark green to an intensely deep, green colour that is so dark, it appears nearly black.

Aegirine crystals have the ability to clear the Aura and are wonderful tools for removing negative or stuck energies from all levels of the subtle bodies, and for activating the positive flow that should be there.

Aegirine crystals are excellent for protection, and they also help you to find the courage to shine your inner light, even in dark and negative places.  These are stones of confidence and strength, carrying the knowledge that light has nothing to fear from darkness, but that light indeed is the healer of darkness.  There are few stones as effective as Aegirine for breaking the attachment of negative entities to one's etheric body.

Aegirine can assist you in 'seeing the light' when you have become depressed, hopeless, unhappy, or otherwise aligned your thoughts with negative energies.  It can help you to identify your own negative thoughts and attitudes, and to shift those energies to more positive expressions.  It carries the energies of enlightened action, karmic understanding, and spiritual commitment.

Aegirine assists the body in processing and eliminating toxins on the physical and energetic levels.  The energy of this mineral accelerates the electrical systems of the body, stimulating the chakras and exciting the energy field. 

Aegirine is an excellent stone to us in support of general physical energy and stamina and is very helpful if you are recovering from illness or injury.  It is excellent for use by nurses, doctors or others who are exposed to the toxic energies of traditional hospital environments.

Aegirine can assist in the evolution of negative emotional patterns such as blame, shame, guilt, worthlessness and self-pity.  It assists you in finding the energy and determination to positively express your energy in the world.  It can be very helpful for you if you are trying to break addictive habits, as it will reveal the emotional reasons for the behaviour.


CRYSTAL SYSTEM:  monoclinic

COLOUR:  green, black, brown

ORIGINS:  Sweden, Spain, Russia, Greenland, Tanzania, Malawi, the United States, and Canada

COMPANION STONES:  when paired with smokey quarts it is the ultimate powerhouse for dispelling negativity, protection and giving you that boost you need to get up and out

RARITY:  relatively common

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