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Unlike many other crystals, Epidote primarily works with what you’ve already got going on. Prismatic and earthy green, Epidote’s natural energies will help attune you to your spirit, showing you the many sides and aspects of yourself, shining a spotlight on weaknesses, attitudes and bad habits that it might be time to kick if you’re ready to follow your dreams and graduate from a mediocre existence to a truly enlightened one.

Bringing added protection against negativity and imparting its powerful dreamy vibes, Epidote enhances lucid dreams and restful sleep, helping the bearer to remember dreams and apply those subconscious messages to your waking life. Stimulating inner knowing, Epidote conveys a greater sensitivity to life’s subtleties and heightens the gift of foresight.

Allow your Epidote Crystal to shine a light on the positives and give you hope for the future, encouraging you to make the changes you need, so that your intentions can come to life.