Thulite Meaning



Shed your self-defeating attitudes by responding to the vibrations of powerful pink Thulite. 

Fiery, yet soothing pretty-in-pink Thulite is a powerful wingman.  Hold it in your hand and let the subtle soft energy infuse your aura, resonating directly with your heart.  Thulite helps cleanse your heart and soul of old emotional wounds and provide you with endless healing vibrations to work through those traumas.  By facing these inner demons with Thulite by your side, you will be able to shed your old skin and emerge stronger and more purely you than ever before.

Thulite radiates love, compassion, joy, and serenity.  Known as a stone of expression and passion, soft yet spicy Thulite is a great choice for introverts, granting the confidence, eloquence, and showmanship to speak and perform in front of others (anywhere from on stage to between the sheets).  Thulite inspires you to embrace acceptance and empathy in your interactions, from professional to personal relationships and beyond.

Sweet Thulite is a powerful healer of a wounded heart.  If you’ve been shacked up at the (metaphorical) Heartbreak Hotel, crying into your Rosé for too damn long, it’s time to step away from the wine and let Thulite be your pink drink of choice.  Letting go is so hard, but worth it.  Try envisioning your Thulite crystal giving you a big ethereal hug and letting its energy shield you from any unnecessary pain and trauma.  Thulite will also promote self-love.

Celebrate your strengths and embrace your flaws, break down destructive habits and fight addictions, find guidance and the strength to move on, discover a healthier sense of appreciation for yourself and your abilities, release your guilt and learn to trust your gut again, all with Thulite by your side.


OTHER NAMES: Norwegianite, Rosaline, Pink Viking Stone, Thulit, Thulita, Rhule Island Stone, Pink Zoisite, Ultima Thule, Rozalite, Pink Zoisite, Rosalite Zoisite, Altar Stone, Norway Stone, and Pink Tanzanite.



COLOUR: pink

AFFIRMATION: “I am open to receiving and giving love, embracing emotional healing, and nurturing energies.”

BEST FOR: love, empathy, and forgiveness are brought into harmony with the heart. Relationships, self-love, and emotional stability


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