DAY 12 | Rainbow Fluorite Cicada

DAY 12 | Rainbow Fluorite Cicada

Why a cicada?

Cicada’s loud voice. Their unique sound comes from tightening and loosening their abdomen, which is where they receive oxygen. It makes Cicada a marvelous emblem of controlled breathing for meditation and finding our sacred song.

Cicada appeared over 200 million years ago, all over the world where temperate to tropical climates exist. The insect’s unusual life cycle consigns it to the annals of scientists and folklorists alike. A baby Cicada, called a nymph, remains in underground regions, often near trees, waiting until it’s ready for birth. The pause that occurs before awakening doesn’t seem unusual until you learn the waiting period ranges anywhere from one year to seventeen! Because of this, Cicada became a symbol of immortality, resurrection, spiritual ecstasy, synchronicity, harmony with the Universe, and clever strategy.

When the Cicada comes into your awareness as a Spirit Animal, a time of emergence is at hand. You can no longer hide underground or sit on life’s sidelines. It’s time to stand up and work on self-development.

The Cicada Spirit Animal hums to you about the past, metamorphosis, and changes yet to come. It is time for shaking off the restrictions you’ve put on yourself (or imposed by others). Cicada signals shedding your old skin so you can stretch in the way you express yourself. The process will seem a little uncomfortable at first. Examining elements of your past, so you understand how they hold you back isn’t easy and requires a lot of honesty. Once you release old ways like the Cicada, however, you re-emerge into life and blossom.

Cicada Spirit Animal challenges you to work on your communication skills while you walk with it. You need to find your true voice, a distinct metered message, something to carry forward into the world-one that beats to the rhythm of your heart. Or, as Thoreau put it, 

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however, measured or far away.”

As you practice communication, don’t neglect to communicate with your Higher Self and inner wisdom. Those powerful two voices become allies in everything you do. The Cicada Animal Guide says the more you trust them, the greater the results for positive transformation and sound decision making become.

Another reason Cicada Spirit Animal arrives in our lives is when our internal clocks have gotten out of whack. Cicada’s tune tells us the saying, “timing is everything” holds a great deal of truth. When your biorhythms get off, or you’re not paying attention to nature’s essential cyclical patterns, it leads to a sense of aimlessness.



focus | stability | growth


CHAKRA: heart, third eye

SIGNS: capricorn, pisces

ELEMENT: air, water

PLANET: neptune



COLOUR: green, blue, clear, yellow, purple

AFFIRMATION: “I am confident any decisions I make are with a clear mind and for my highest and best self.”

BEST FOR: mental attentiveness, removing energy blockages, making decisions

ORIGINS:  predominantly China, India, USA, Madagascar, Canada


Should’ve gone to Specsavers?  Maybe first you should’ve reached for the Fluorite. This calming stone helps focus, increase clarity and clears away the fog on the path toward really understanding self.  This brings a wiser, more balanced view of life and improves decision-making.  The Fluorite crystal’s power to bring clear inner and outer vision enables you to manifest ideas and bring plans to fruition like never before. 

For those struggling with attention deficit disorder or learning difficulties, Fluorite’s healing properties work to enhance concentration and quieten and soothe the mind by removing mental blocks and diminishing distractions.

Fluorite encourages us to put down the iPhone, step away from the Instagram and switch off the laptop, because the secrets of the universe aren’t going to be found on your Facebook feed. And if you feed your soul with the spiritual nutrition of Vitamin F – Fluorite, you just might find them within yourself.

Physically, Fluorite is also a powerhouse.  It is used in crystal healing for blood brain hemisphere, cough, neck cancer, pain, joints, respiration, food intolerance, mobility issues, anti-viral, pineal gland problems, posture, nerves, inflammatory diseases, colds, flu, insomnia, and RNA/DNA issues.  Have you had your inner-health Fluorite today?



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