DAY 13 | Prophecy Stone Specimen

DAY 13 | Prophecy Stone Specimen

Prophecy Stone is a stone that resonates with the heady domain of prophecy and light.  In whatever form it may take, Prophecy Stone opens channels to realms both spiritual and subconscious, grounding spiritual light energy into the body (the act of bringing the light through one’s crown chakra down into the body).

Although iron-rich stones are usually considered grounding, this stone buzzes with a much higher frequency.  It carries cosmic energy, offering clarity and spiritual guidance. 


The History of Prophecy Stone

A rare treat from the mineral world, Prophecy Stones are a unique, high vibrational talisman with some fascinating geological history.  They are found exclusively in the White Desert in Egypt and a region in the Libyan Desert, and were named by the discoverer who experienced a prophetic vision when meditating with one.

It is believed working with Prophecy Stones in meditation regularly will promote visions, their high vibrations aiding in the investigation of diverging paths or probable futures.


Recognising Prophecy Stone

Prophecy Stones are rare pseudomorphs, often exhibiting star-shaped clusters. Pseuodomorphs are created when the chemistry and make-up of a crystal changes while the crystal structure remains the same.  The original shape and structure of a Prophecy Stone comes from Marcasite and Pyrite, however it “morphs” into Limonite and Hematite over time.

Prophecy Stones come in a variety of interesting shapes and surface textures from spiky to smooth and often exhibit small nicks on the surface from the extraction process.

Prophecy Stone rates a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.


What is Prophecy Stone used for?

Prophecy Stone is a stone of the seeker and the transformer.  As venerated street photographer and cult icon, Bill Cunningham once said, “Freedom is the most expensive thing.”.  Say a big “Eff you” to peer pressure and societal expectations and lean on your Prophecy Stone to help you break free and blaze your own path to greatness.

If you have your head in the clouds, Prophecy Stone will help you to ground so that you can be more productive. If you have your feet in the mud, Prophecy stone will help you to get moving.  An ideal stone for meditation, Prophecy Stone can offer us grounding, strength, and centering. It provides growth, expansion, new beginnings, and attracts abundance into our lives. It is deeply nourishing stone that optimises health and vitality.

Working with Prophecy Stone can bring powerful precognitive or prophetic visions and will likely stir up emotions that you may be repressing.  Luckily Prophecy Stone simultaneously protects from negativity and any bad juju that may arise from within or without, in fact, it’s almost like "Prophecy Stone is rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!"

Like yin and yang, salty and sweet, Moët and dirty fish n’ chips, your Prophecy Stone is all about balance.  The tightrope walk of male/female and self/ego energies, the balance of the basic instincts of survival and safety, the duality of flying oh-so-free while staying grounded and tethered to earth.

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