DAY 2 | Orange Calcite Cloud

DAY 2 | Orange Calcite Cloud

Why a Cloud?

In every culture, clouds have been given a unique spiritual meaning and symbolism. They are often seen as a symbol of the heavens or the divine. Some cultures see clouds as a bringer of rain, thus life. Others see clouds as a symbol of hope bringing new beginnings or the possibility of change.



confidence | motivation | creativity


CHAKRA:  solar, sacral

SIGNS: cancer, leo



MINERAL FAMILY: calcium carbonate


COLOUR: golden yellow to bright orange  

AFFIRMATION: “I am filled with creative, sexual and constructive energy and am motivated to make all that energy work for me.”

BEST FOR: dissolving self-doubt and boosting confidence, increasing sex drive, energising, and uplifting

ORIGINS: Mexico, Argentina, Norway, Belgium, Australia

CRYSTAL COMPANIONS: for fertility – shiva lingam, for sacral chakra healing – carnelian

The strength of red rays combined with the powerful fire of gold gives these orange crystals the powers to combine, integrate, and unite, making orange the colour of physical pleasure.  If something is lacking between the sheets – Orange Calcite can bring you joy, pleasure, satisfaction and (hell, let’s just say it) better sex.

Like the sun, this bright ray of light in crystal form, has the power to energise and restore, it magnetises energy around your centre and draws high vibrations toward it. Typically found Mexico, Orange Calcite will get that blood flowing in the right direction faster than a Tulum Yoga retreat with a side of smoky margarita.

This golden hued crystal is also particularly helpful mentally.  It helps heal sorrow, grief, and trauma from current and past life problems from battery or sexual abuse and releases negative karmic behaviours and negative karmic patterns.


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