DAY 3 | Red Vein Jasper Dragon

DAY 3 | Red Vein Jasper Dragon

When life demands bold action, Red Vein Jasper comes in hot. 

Everyone is a “something-phobe”, whether it’s a fear of intimacy, commitment, failure, or, you know… spiders, this fire infused powerhouse is a mighty, battle-axe swinging, flame throwing wingman for facing your fears with confidence and unshakeable calm.

For leaders and followers alike, RVJ shields the negative and boosts the positive, bringing equilibrium and inner-power whenever she goes.


The History of Red Vein Jasper

A relative newcomer to the metaphysical world, Red Vein Jasper combines the regenerative properties of Red Jasper with the grounding powers of Hematite and Iron.


Recognising Red Vein Jasper

Also known as the “stone of endurance”, Red Vein Jasper is a form of brecciated Jasper and Chalcedony, with swirling, criss-crossing red veins of Hematite and Iron.

Red Vein Jasper rates a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.


What is Red Vein Jasper used for?

Jaspers are referred to as "Supreme Nurturers", each variety holding soothing and nurturing properties.  Red Vein Jasper, in particular, helps to keep you grounded and stay strong, in the face of whatever life throws at you. 

A stone of recovery, boldness, and enthusiastic equilibrium, RVJ helps to instill in us strength, stability, courage, leadership, and power. In short, it helps us to not just cope with life but to meet it head on.  It also reminds us that we are not just here for ourselves and that we must do all we can to help others and bring joy into their lives too, making it the *perfect* stone for leaders of any sort.

Equally, Red Vein Jasper is a stone of empowerment.  Absorbing negative energy and bringing strength to resist the power of emotional domination, RVJ can help bring the courage to overcome bullying or domestic violence, as well as recovering from emotional and physical trauma.

Physically, Red Vein Jasper is like a crystal cup of coffee.  It wakes you up and strengthens your circulatory system (blood and liver), relieving feelings of sluggishness.  Therapeutic, quieting and reinforcing, it is thought to be an easy go-to for general and non-specific aches and pains and is also a valuable stone to keep around when we wish to detoxify our body.  Like all Jaspers, Red vein Jasper is a "sustaining" stone and can be there for us when we need help for a long time or when extended periods of hospitalisation are necessary.

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