DAY 4 | Sodalite Double Terminated Point

DAY 4 | Sodalite Double Terminated Point


A double-terminated point channels energy in two directions at once and provides a bridge between two energy points.

Points are powerful manifestation tools, as they help manifest your dreams, wishes, and intentions at a much faster rate by directing your intention into the universe.



intuition | communication | insight


CHAKRA: throat, third eye

SIGNS: sagittarius

ELEMENT: water, air

PLANET: uranus

MINERAL FAMILY: feldspathoids


CRYSTAL HABIT: large mass or granular

COLOUR: light blue with white inclusions to dark navy

AFFIRMATION: “I am speaking my truth confidently and I choose my words with clarity and confidence.”

BEST FOR: increasing organisation and efficiency – great for self-discipline. Deep insight with aha moments, developing intuition and living a more authentic life

ORIGINS: Maine, Arkansas, Namibia, Greenland


Intuition. It’s that little voice telling you not to down that last tequila shot on a Sunday night, it stops you binge-watching the Golden Girls with a bottle of vodka for company and drunk dialling your ex.  It’s time to trust your intuition; it’s had your back since day one.

In today’s world, trusting your instincts is more important than ever and Sodalite is the bold and heady catalyst to get you back in touch with your sixth sense.  Sodalite is a stone of truth and brings this to all communications, it can help end arguments, it is particularly useful in promoting honesty in emotions and love, it increases intelligence, knowledge, and learning, and can unite the logical with the spiritual.

The Sodalite crystal is a salty combination of manganese and calcium, a mystical synergy of minerals that can be beneficial for the glands, diabetes, the digestive system, lymphatic cancer, relieving insomnia and decreasing calcium deficiency.  And put away the Codral, Sodalite is also used in crystal healing for quicker relief of head colds.

Because of its ability to disperse electromagnetic pollution, Sodalite can also benefit your environment.  Place a stone in your office or workspace and witness Sodalite instantly improve the Feng Shui of the space with its cleansing and purifying effects on tech smog.



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