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Chakra Healing with Crystals | Part Two | Root Chakra

Choosing Crystals to balance your Root Chakra
The root chakra is represented by the fiery red and rules your survival instinct - commonly known as the fight-or-flight response.  When this chakra is blocked and not functioning properly, you may find it difficult to get excited about anything. Maybe you feel lethargic and have trouble even dragging your tired ass out of bed in the morning, or you might have a hard time relaxing - the need for constant stimulation is indicative of an unhealthy root chakra.
Physical symptoms include lower back and leg pain, digestive and bowel issues, as well as a suppressed immune system and diminished enjoyment from physical pleasures.  Have you been feeling distant or disconnected?  Maybe paranoia has been creeping its way into your mind, making you feel suspicious or anxious.  You may even begin to question your own core belief system.
These five crystals for the root chakra can balance, unblock, and activate this vital energy centre.
Hematite is the crème de la crème of root chakra crystals for transforming negative energy into positive vibes. By drawing negative energy from your aura and filtering it through the root chakra like a fine Arabica blend, Hematite neutralises any harmful effect. This reduces anxiety and keeps you grounded in reality.
Cravings, overspending and over-indulgences (yep, all that boozing, smoking and late night shopping) can stem from your root chakra being out of balance. Hematite has a fantastic ability to help you overcome bad habits by boosting your courage, willpower and survival instincts.  Goodbye nicotine patch, hello Hematite.
Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline has been used for centuries to protect from evil spirits.  It deflects not only negative energy, but harmful thoughts and shitty people too!  It is often used as an aura cleanser and can help you attain higher levels of awareness.
Black Tourmaline will help heal your root chakra and balance your meridian from the crown to the root chakra.  Acting as a personal bodyguard, let Black Tourmaline envelope you in a metaphysical force field, stopping negativity from other people’s bitchy thoughts from affecting you.  This makes it a powerful crystal to protect against misfortune, accidents and crappy health.
Bracelets made with black or red tourmaline are not only beautiful, but will keep the healing going all day.
Red Jasper
Red Jasper, a stone of vibrancy and endurance, is commonly a go-to crystal for stimulating the root chakra.  Red Jasper’s nurturing energy helps stir life back into your qi, while simultaneously boosting your motivation.  It’s an ideal crystal for when you’re trying to find the drive to make new plans or deal with life’s challenges.
Said to be outstanding for promoting survival, Red Jasper will help in overcoming endurance issues.  The tribe has spoken, ask yourself: What part of my life do I need to take action in?  Write down what comes up and carry your stone with you as a reminder to take action in your life.
Smokey Quartz
Smokey Quartz’s strong link with the earth makes it a powerful ally in grounding and transforming negative energies into positive.  This crystal’s gentle energy disperses those emotional blockages caused by an imbalance in the root chakra. The result is a massive reduction in resentment, mistrust, and other negative emotions. It also teaches you to let go of anything that doesn't serve you and helps you to accept your physical body.
When darkness strikes, protective Smokey Quartz can soak up that negativity like a super absorbent Chux Super Wipe before it takes root in your psyche.  If you regularly struggle with depression, anxiety or jealousy, wearing a piece of Smokey Quartz can be a powerful way to stop those toxic energies from overwhelming you.
Also known as Heliotrope, Bloodstone, as the name suggests, is a powerful cleanser and healer that strongly connects with the root chakra. Bloodstone has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties.  This stone is a heavy-duty purifier and is outstanding at grounding negative energy, and better than kale at detoxifying the body.  Bloodstone benefits all blood rich organs and regulates blood flow, while cleansing lower chakras and realigning energies
This stone is great for those who need a little extra motivation to get up and get moving (so long snooze button). Assisting and enhancing the functions of the mind, Bloodstone will help to remove any energy blocks that are keeping you stagnant and push you to get going. Meditate with bloodstone to stimulate the root chakra, shift your thinking and take charge of your life.  Bloodstone can help to enhance intuition and creativity, and can be used to combat fatigue, irritability and confusion.

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