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Crystals to Help You Connect with Angels and Spirit Guides


“In a crystal, we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals – it is still a living being.” - Nikola Tesla

When angels are invited into a space, their presence automatically raises the vibrations around them and simultaneously lifts your energy better than mainlining Red Bull could any day.  Communing with angels provides us with guidance and direction, helps support our wildest dreams and ambitions and protects us from all sorts of bogey monsters - from our own overthinking and internal negativity, to the bad juju that can linger in any space from previous fights or unhappy episodes (and we’re not talking about the episode of Buffy when Buffy’s Mum dies, although we could do with being protected from that tbh).

Most importantly though, when angels surround us, we are perpetually in the presence of unconditional love and enduring company, which sure as hell helps when you’re stuck inside your house for months on end with no-one to talk to except the cat (who, let’s face it, was never much of a conversationalist to begin with).

Whether or not you resonate with the idea of crystals being angelic themselves, it is undeniable that crystals and gemstones all carry their own specific healing vibrations.  And there are certain crystals that are better than others in helping to bring you into vibrational resonance with the light of the higher realms…

Here are our five favourite crystals that are aligned with the angelic realms, and can help us enlist the guidance and support of angels:



Amethyst is abundantly available, and inexpensive.  Its purifying energy is linked to cleansing the mind of negative thoughts and releasing addictive behaviours.  It’s also helpful in making a clear connection between planes, making it excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming.  Amethyst is used to open one’s channels to telepathy, past life regression, clairaudience and clairvoyance and communication with angels.



Wherever you happen to be on your spiritual journey, dreamy sky blue Celestite links you to your inner guardian angels so you never have to weather the storm alone.  The Celestite crystal’s ethereal blue tones help carry you into a heavenly sense of peace and instill a feeling of contentment within you. Meditating while gazing at a Celestite crystal is a powerful way to attune to the celestial and angelic realm.  Its protective vibrations strengthen your angel’s shielding love and keeps you safe.

Pro tip: The dual power of Celestite and the angels around us can be exceptionally helpful in relieving intense states of stress and anxiety, like… the entirety of 2020 for example.



A deeper blue than Celestite, think of Angelite as your personal, pocket sized Guardian Angel.  Angelite is a stone that can bring serenity, inner peace and a sense of calm quicker than a glass of your favourite vino.  Angelite is the perfect stone to reach for when you need to calm the F-Train down, it dispels fear and anger and encourages forgiveness (keep on hand for the next time your housemate leaves the toilet seat up).

Psychically, Angelite is used to connect with spirit guides, the higher self, and, of course, guardian angels.  Angelite helps with receiving intuitive guidance and messages from the angels. It also helps us vocalise the angel messages we receive.



Cleansing White Selenite, Satin Spar, Maria Glass, Angel’s Wing…  whatever you call it, Selenite is an essential weapon in any metaphysical wellness worker’s arsenal. 

Like burning white sage or sprinkling salt, Selenite can cleanse your space of ugly vibes left behind after a nasty breakup, a death in the home, or even just bad juju left behind by shitty housemates who refused to help do the dishes.  Though Selenite is named for the Moon, it is also a sweet angel stone and is perfect for opening the crown chakra to access higher guidance from the Angels. It also helps to connect you with your Soul purpose. 

Oh, and it’s damn pretty.



Instead of calling angels to you, maybe you’d like to pay them a visit instead. If so, get yourself an Apophyllite crystal. Apophyllite is one your one-way ticket for astral travel to the celestial realms.  Harnessing the power of ancient molten lava streams, heady, pearly Apophyllite is a stone that encourages deeper spiritual connections, helping to connect you to your spirit guides and angels, enhancing intuition and making your senses sharper and clearer, so that you can’t help but acknowledge and trust them.

How to:  After setting the intention to connect with angels, place your chosen crystals on an angel altar, wear it or keep it with you, or hold it in your hand while you meditate.


So, which of these angel crystals is the best option for you?

Remember – this is a killer place to start, but these hella magickal practices are intensely personal and you may find there is more than one (or in this case five) stones or crystals that can represent and empower your connection to the spiritual realm.  The answer to this question is of course, highly personal - which do you most resonate with now?



  • Rebecca Candy said:

    My little brother has just lost his wife of 12 years,he is desperate to connect with her,I wanted to know what crystals will help?

    March 20, 2023

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