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Up Your Motivation with Yellow Crystals


Just because the sun’s come out, doesn’t mean everything’s all better, but harnessing the loving energy of bright, sunshine-y yellow healing crystals can promote a sunny disposition that exudes vibrant warmth and the sense that everything’s going to be OK.


So when doubts hang around like overnight guests that have overstayed their welcome, or (metaphysical) cloud cover obstructs the bright light within – whether you’re looking to unlock your potential as the next Notorious RBG or just drag your ass off the sofa and you know… get dressed - reach for you collection of bright yellow healing stones and get happy.


Yellow is the colour of journeys beginning well, full of promise and sunny optimism.  They help you to see things in new ways, add clarity to your life and add zest, optimism and meaning to your life and relationships.


If you’re ready to unlock the healing powers of growth and motivation, these yellow beauties might be right up your alley…





An essential stone for every crystal lover’s collection, Ametrine is a blissed-out union of Amethyst and Citrine, combining the kickarse energy of both within its purple-to-gold-and-back-to-purple ombre hued glory.


Perfectly blending the masculine and feminine energies, Ametrine’s focussing and fiery energy can also be applied to indecision anywhere in your life.  Those age-old dilemmas:  To gym or not to gym?  The black shoes or the fiery red?  To swipe left, or right?  Reach for the Ametrine to pick a f*cking outfit and face the day.


Often referred to as “the stone of the muses”, Ametrine is the aura protecting, spirit uplifting and crown chakra stimulating babe that is about to become the perfect wingman when you’re looking for enhanced mental clarity and creativity.



Honey Calcite


When you’ve procrastinated away most of the day “organising” your workspace or “filing” your emails, and still can’t bring yourself to start that project that’s due tomorrow morning, it might be time to reach for the Honey Calcite. 


This amber coloured crystal gently amplifies energy and determination and promotes the faith and determination to break out of old patterns.


Honey Calcite enhances psychic abilities, astral projection and higher consciousness. It also boosts intellect and memory and is used in crystal healing for kidneys, bladder, female organs and menopause.   And Honey Calcite is known to aid children who have problems with bedwetting. 


It is also an excellent massage stone.  Oil up.





Citrine is a stone as bright as its energy. It emanates more positivity and joy than a box full of puppies.  Known in crystal work as the “Success Stone”, it’s time to open yourself to letting this fiery stone’s golden energy lift you up.


We all have dreams and aspirations.  Sometimes we just need a little extra help coaxing them out.  Whether it’s a creative epiphany or a move to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, Citrine will have your back, like a super reliable BFF that never bails on you for that guy from Tinder with the abs.


The November birthstone’s properties of wealth and abundance are some of its most well-known. If it’s dollar dollar bills you’re coveting, this is the stone to aid in the manifestation, earning Citrine its other nickname, the “Merchant’s Stone”.  Citrine also promotes generosity, so the prosperity and success can be shared.


Other Citrine properties are linked to the creative process. Whether natural or heated, Citrine is said to activate the imagination by enhancing mental clarity and allowing for the flow of ideas and visualisation.


Citrine is the perfect stone to combat negative energy of any kind, by breaking it up and dissipating it.  Add a piece of Citrine to the bedroom to bring light and abundance into your intimate space, or to a child’s bedroom to bring a sense of security and golden light force.  Or place Citrine in your office or workspace to promote a sense of peace and confidence that could rival Kanye on his best day.




Wear yellow crystal jewellery or keep yellow gemstones of any type or size around you – in your home, office, even your car, and use their powerful, motivating energy to seize the day and take on the world!


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